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Default iPad Photo Support

When I travel, my photo support tool is an Apple iPad. I shoot with a Nikon D90 in RAW format. My tablet is the iPad-2 with Wi-Fi, 64 GB and a camera connection kit.

To copy the day’s photos into the iPad, I plug the SD card into the adapter and press COPY ALL. This puts my image files in the “Last Import" album. I also use a file transfer app to wirelessly copy these to my wife’s iPod as a redundant backup*. Then I feel safe clearing the SD card in the camera if needed. A 64 GB iPad can hold weeks of photos.

Using the native iPad Photo app to view photos and delete culls is easy. The display of NEF files closely matches the D90's “Picture Control” setting. I can email, post to the web, or print proofs from the iPad via Wi-Fi.

The $3 app “Photogene” is a great image editor for the iPad. It can adjust: exposure, white balance, saturation, contrast, histogram, tone curve, highlights, shadows, heal and clone, sharpening, noise reduction, crop, rotate, RGB tuning, presets, metadata, and has "special effects". The original NEF files stay intact. Edits that are saved are stored in the sRGB color space of medium quality JPG in the “Camera Roll” album. These are “proof” quality images (2048 pixels max)*that can also be emailed or printed.

At home I follow my normal camera to PC workflow. If I need the backup, I connect the iPad to my PC with the USB sync cable then open "My Computer", click "iPad", click "Internal Storage" then the DCIM folder and subfolders with backups of the original camera files. These are ready to be copied, moved or deleted.

*The iPad keeps RAW files completely intact; file name, time-date stamp, metadata and all. After coping to the iPod, depending on the app used, the NEF files may be renamed IMG_####.TIF (these are NOT in the TIFF format). Rename these with the NEF extension, and all is well.
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if you really want to feel safe, and you on your travels you can get to a free wifi, get a dropbox account, and send copy the images to dropbox.
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And the new iOS-5 enabled iCloud service promises to do this when available in a few months.

I've found Wi-Fi VERY easy to hook up with when traveling. Cheap hotels, coffee shopes and almost any restaurant has it, even in rual areas.

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But, dropbox supports more platforms. They've got dropbox for Linux, OS X, Windows (including XP, Vista and Win 7), iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android.



I use dropbox with Linux (and I can keep a PC running Win 7 in sync with one running Linux). I wouldn't have that option with iCloud. iCloud won't support XP either.

"Using iCloud with a PC requires Windows Vista or Windows 7; Outlook 2010 or 2007 is recommended for accessing contacts and calendars."


dropbox is pretty neat for keeping files in sync across multiple PCs (where the same files are available to all of them). If you have a problem with a PC (drive failure, virus, etc.), having a copy of your files on it's servers is also nice. It comes in really handy when working on projects with more than one person, too. I also like being able to give a public link to someone without them needing to join dropbox.

On the downside, dropbox did take a hit about their security recently. See this article about a complaint filed against them:

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