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qlat Jun 13, 2004 8:01 PM

How does the image quality older cameras compare with new ones?

For example, the Fuji S602 can now be had for about $375 shipped. How does its image quality compare to newer models, like the Canon S1, which can be had for about $400 shipped? (I'm not picking these models for any particular reason, just as an example, although I realize the zoom discrepency doesn't make the comparison exactly equal)

slipe Jun 14, 2004 4:26 PM

They are both 3Mp cameras – the Fuji does some smoke and mirror stuff with in-camera interpolation but they still both have 3Mp sensors.

The Fuji has a little better resolving power and less CA. The Canon has less distortion.

For 3 years newer you get things like image stabilization – which is something I will never consider another large camera without. I like the articulated LCD on the Canon.

The Fuji has very fast shutter lag and cycle times for an older camera. The 602 is still one of the best 3Mp cameras ever made, but I would go for the stabilization and features on the Canon.

Generally you get faster cycle times and shutter lag on new cameras compared to 3 year old models. The Fuji 602 is an exception.

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