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Can somebody please splain to the idiot in Dallas what the heck IR will do diff. then B/W?

Also can i trick my 20D in to IR?
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Leaves on plants absorb visible light. The leaves also re-radiate some of the energy in the form of infrared light. An IR filter such as a Hoya R72 block all light except for deep red and some IR. This allows the weaker IR light to be more visible since CCD sensors can see IR.

For normal use, this IR sensitivity can cause problems which can cause the light metering or even color to be slightly off. So many digicam makers add a filter to the sensor to block IR. You can see how sensitive your digicam is to IR by aiming a TV remote control at your digicam and holding down some buttons. If your camera can see IR, you will see a grayish-white light. The brighter the light, the more sensitive.

For, example, I can get 1/60th sec. shutter speed with my Panasonic FZ1 using the Hoya R72 fitler in bright sunlight. My Panasonic FZ20 requires 1/8th or slower shutter speeds to get a decent exposure.

To get the slightly colored B/W pictures, you will need to manually white balance your camera with the IR filter attached. Then in your favorite photo editor, swap the red and blue channels to change the sky from a bronze color to bluish. Then adjust brightness and and ohter stuff to your liking. As a result, the plants will look pinkish and the sky and concrete will look bluish. It is a very erie look.

BTW, Steve, can we have a Infrared forum here in your forums?


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