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Default ISO alternate to foamboard

I have a photo that is 16 x 24 and would love to mount it on foamboard and hang it on the wall.

The problem is foamboard warps or curves due to moisture.

Is there an alternative to foam board for mounting large photographs that won't warp?

Thank you for your suggestions.

Faithfully yours,

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I take it you don't want to go the frame and mat route, which is my personal preference. There are alternatives, though.
Glass: obviously it's going to be heavier and more fragile, but certainly won't warp.
Rigid foam house insulation: comes in several thicknesses and often is aluminum foil clad. I think it is isocyanate foam and very moisture resistant. Trade name that I can recall is Energy Shield. 1/2" thickness is light but solid.
Plexiglas or Lexan: lighter than glass and not fragile at all but still heavier than foamboard. Variety of thicknesses available.

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I was thinking of Masonite. It's light, rigid and easy to work with, and paper can easily be attached to it, but it will deform if it gets wet.
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G'day FP

This is a very old 'problem' and well known to many photo printers from decades ago. The reason the backing material warps is that a) one side is sealed and b) the other side is open to the [wet] air allowing it to expand with moisture

Solution ...
Seal both sides. Either glue a photo image to both sides or apply a sealer to both sides before glueing the photo to the backing board

Hope this helps
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Here's one solution I'm trying.

I have a large piece of Styrofoam and put double sided tape on the boundary of the photo. The tape is actually beyond the boundary of the photo.

The Styrofoam is about 5/8th inch thick.

I mounted the photo and then went to my table saw with a fine blade on it. 4 cuts and I was done.

Now the big question: will it last?

Faithfully yours.

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