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Thank you! The freedom of and relief of the constant worry of "Did I pack what I needed? What if I have a situation of that calls for the 16mm fisheye? or, "What if I need that 1000mm Telephoto?" Ah - Just throw it in the bag-what's another pound or five? Yea - A 1000mm. Actually a Celestron F8 lens with a camera attachment.... very large, very heavy but outstanding wildlife shots.....

Don't have to worry about that anymore.....
Take Care.
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It always comes down to what you need vs what you are willing to deal with. If you don't need the extras that a DSLR offers (Better lenses, more varity of them, better high ISO, faster shutter responce,...) then don't get one. They are more expensive, heavier, larger.

I know people who look at what I carry and think I'm nuts. Heck, when I pick it up, I think I'm nuts. But I'm a perfectionist and it give me the quality that I demand.

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If your budget really is limited to the price of the D70, I'd go for an all-in-one solution instead. One reason for buying an SLR is the range of glass you can add to it. But those good lenses will cost you far more than the camera. You'd do better with your budget to get a prosumer camera that already includes a really nice lens. (Of course, the SLR--with its larger sensor--will be a much better low-light camera, even when using a sub-par kit lens. It will focus faster and feel more like a "real" camera.)
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