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Default Its all in the ballance!

If I did not care about photography I could have bought a very powerful computer! With all the media available you wouldn't have to spend any time behind the viewfinder and that was what I was into five or six years ago. I had a sony FD73 only to add familiar subjects to my contrived art work. I'm now on my fifth camera and have fallen in love with photography. I spend time infront of my computer as a necessary evil. Truth beknown I have come to distrust and dislike them and believe more in my camera. It is a tightrope walk and each of us has to pick his own unique balance to make it happen. Art is very subjective and makes us very different as much as we are the same. I happened upon a young girl photographing flowers while she was focusing and recording her settings in a note book ,I had taken six exposures. She was laughing at me and asked if that was a digital camera that I had. I smiled with her and responded. She inquired how I could remember all those settings and I asked if she knew what an EXIF file was? nope she didn't know, then I showed her a histogram, and I showed her some butterfly captures from a few flowers down.I don't know if it will change her ways of doing it , I was just sharing because she asked. I was on an overlook above the city of Pittsburgh teaching my grandson how to shoot at night and ended up helping a few other folks as well, I doubt they remember my name but that was not the reason behind sharing my love of photography. I have been places in the last few years that I would not have been to had it not been for our craft and all the wonderful people, I am blessed.
Bottom line , art is subjective and these dicussions have gone on since the first cave finger painter picked up his first handmade brush. Cameras, film, computers,chemicals,paper, printers, enlargers and software programs and those who wield them and will them into ART. Thats all I have to say about that.
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You are sharing the "wealth".

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You just said what many of us need to hear, and maybe to remember, too.

Thank you.
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Tom, as usual, your insight is delightful to read.
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