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i think far too often, we make photography too much about how many megapixels do i have, ordo i need image stabilizationor even the pictures we take.

i think that what gets lost is an appreciation for the other things that photography brings.. you can start with the easy things like it captures memories that last a lifetime and the usual... but i am thinking of things even more subtle..

i think the thing that photography has given to my life over all those other things is an appreciation for the world i live in.. walking down the street, i find myself seeing beauty in things that i would never have before, or that other ppl walk by everyday without a glance.. it could be the contrast of a faded sign on a building or the lines on an older persons face, or any number of things.. photography has trained me to see things in this way, and that can never be taken away, and that appreciation of the world around me enriches my life everyday, regardless of whether i have my camera gear with me...

please feel free to share your thoughts as well...

cheers, Dustin
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I agree with you. For me Photography is more than capturing a scene. It is also a deliberate attempt at changing the way I perceive the world. It reminds me that, even though I've had a few eye operations and my eyes aren't that good compared to other people, it's definitely worth the effort to really look at things.
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Dustin, I think what you are trying to say is that you have learned the "art of seeing", the ability to find a photo in even the most mundane scenes. Even when I don't have a camera with me, I find myself looking at everything with a photographers eye.

There is an excellend book on this subject published by Kodak. It is called strangely enough "The Art of Seeing!" My copy is about 15 years old but I still learn a thing or two when I read it. Although the book was published before anyone ever heard of digital cameras, it is not oriented toward any type of camera. Rather it is oriented toward the photograph. The principles apply to ANY camera from the cheapest point and shoot to the most expensive DSLR or medium format. It is about seeing the picture in your mind before pushing the button.

Far too many people think that if they spend thousands of dollars on mega-doodads it will make a better photographer out of them. It may make pictures easier to take but a good picture has to exist in the mind before the camera can record it. The camera can't see the picture. It can only record it.

Cal Rasmussen
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