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photogenic May 29, 2003 2:40 PM

IXUS V3 better pic quality than Fjui F401.........
Hi all,

According to an article in WHICH magazine(V. respectable consumer mag in the UK), they'd pick the 401 over canon ixus v3(Model before s400) for the quality of the pictures.

They gave both cameras equal marks (73%), and recomended both.
However said that the Canon had poor results for daylight exposure on the auto setting (so you need to make manual adjustments to get the best shots), also the Fuji gave the best results under fluorescent light (such as strip lights).

I'm in the process of getting a new ultra compact and and have decided its between F410 and IXUS 400 (or S400) the new models for both cameras. I've seen a lot of feedback for the Canon but not much for the F410 (anywher on the net).

Does anyone concur with WHICH magazines results, plus what do they think of 2 new cameras.. End of the day picture quality rules.

Alos does anyone have any experince with taking night photos with the afore mentioned cameras.

Waiting for you feedback.

The internet is soo cool!

churd May 30, 2003 5:18 AM

I'm going through a similar process - I bought the Olympus C-50 on a whim from the airport without having researched it and am only now comparing with other cameras while I'm still within my money-back guarantee period.

One tool I've found particularly useful is the Comparometer at Imaging Resource which allows you to compare, side-by-side, test photos from different cameras (no night shots, alas).

It's helped me decide that (I think) the Canon IXUS 400 takes better photos than the Olympus C-50, although quite whether that's enough to sacrifice the manual controls of the C-50 is a whole other matter.

Hopefully, it will help you to pick between the IXUS 400 and the Fuji.

Good Luck!

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