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Vegas Sep 2, 2004 7:13 AM

I read in a Jessops catalogue (in the UK) thatthey will part exchange or even buy your seconhand equipment. Have any of you (in the UK) done this and if so did they give you a reasonable price/part exchange valuefor your old equipment?

Timeless-161 Sep 2, 2004 7:23 AM

They certainly will do so. If you are in London, their shop in New Oxford Street has a large second hand department but i am sure that their other stores do it too.

The London Camera Exchange is another place that buys second hand gear.

Don't expect high prices though. You might be better off selling your old stuff on eBay.

ferny Sep 2, 2004 8:34 AM

I've never traded in old equipment so can't answer your question properly. I did try to by an old camera from them though. I wanted a Minolta SRT-101 and they were going to charge £79.99 for a condition 2 (1 is brand new, 5 is rubbish) version. You get a 12 month warranty. I decided to get one off of eBay for £40 with a lens (I don't know if the one from Jessops had a lens) and a leather Minolta camera case. It came from an ex-pro and was said to be in full working order (checking that as we speak) and in very good condition bar a small dent. I didn't think the 12 month warranty was worth £40.

I don't know what you can read into that. eBay is cheap? Jessops are expensive? Jessops won't pay you a lot?

Jessops has an section on their website where they list the second hand stock they have each evening. They don't list prices but they give you a condition rating and the shops phone number. You could look for your stuff (the site has a good search engine) and phone up a shop to see what they'll be selling it for if you gave it to them.

Nose around eBay and see what your stuff is generally going for. Then go to Jessops and get a quote from then. Go with the one where you think you'll get the most money.

That is what I'd do.

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