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I'm in the process of purchasing my first dSLR camera, 8 megapixels. I plan on purchasing a 2gb CF memory card to go with the camera. I have a shooting assignment coming up soon, and my concern is with the memory card and how many images it can hold before I run out of space. The last shoot I did, related to the same project that I'll be shooting foragain soon, I shoot 13 rolls of 36 exposure, or 468 images. I suspect that if I shoot in hi res jpeg mode, I'll be OK, but I know if I shoot in RAW format, I'll run out of memory space long before I finish the shoot. How many hi res jpeg images, vs RAW images, can I expect to fit onto a 2gb CF memory card? If shooting in hi res jpeg, would thefinal images truly be inferior to the final imageshot in RAW format? One of the main advantages to shooting in RAW format,that I keep hearing, is that by shooting in RAW, one can than go into Photshop and adjust the white balance of RAW images. However, I'll be shooting in b/w mode for this upcoming shoot, so concern about being able to adjust the white balance, after the fact in Photoshop, really shouldn't be a concern, right? So bottom lining my two questions:

1) Shooting with an 8 megapixel camera, using a high speed 2gb CF memory card, how many hi res jpeg images can I expect to the card to hold, and how many RAW images can I expect the card to hold?

2) Will shooting in hi res jpeg give me the same professional looking images as shooting in RAW, prior to any adjustments being made?

Thanks for any input; I'll greatly appreciate it.

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Canon XT's RAW is ~8.3MB a file, Olympus RAW is 13.5MB. You'll have to check the camera's specs you're interested in. 2 things to remember though, 1) with digital one can be a little more trigger-happy 2) you can always review and delete shots, unlike film.
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Using a Nikon D70 in RAW I get about 170 shots on a 1Gb card, so with a 2Gb card you'd be getting close to your 468. Shooting in RAW allows a lot of control over exposure and white balance during post processing so is well worth considering. When you shot 468 images how many did you know instantly on taking or on looking at the contacts where no good? You could probably delete this immediately in the field therby saving space.

That said in the UK purchasing and processing around 13 rolls would cost about £100 or about the same as a 2Gb CF card. That's a cost you have each and everyshoot whereas you buy the compact flash card once and use it over and over so why not buy two.
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The problem with deleting as you go is -- time. Something you may not a lot of on most shoots, especially assignments.

File size depends on a lot of things, especially ISO. The higher the ISO, the bigger the file, so you will geta lot more at ISO 100 than at ISO 800.
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Also, if you have a lot of sky (or other large area of related color) and it will compress more and therefor be a smaller picture. I know that Canon compresses their RAW files, I assume others do as well. Nikon has a option for compressed and uncompressed in some cameras.

I get about 120 images on a 1G card in my Canon 20D.

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