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dashboardgyno Mar 27, 2006 7:47 PM

when should I use it. I took some pictures last year at a wedding outside, (3pm) and the bride who is very pale, came out very washed out in the picture (side shot, upper arms and dress were washed out).. would this filter have prevented it? Any other advice on using my new filter?

granthagen Mar 28, 2006 12:02 AM

The only way that a ND filter would have made a difference in the wedding shot would be if the subject to be photographed was so bright that it caused you to max out on your aperture and shutter settings and still be bright enough to cause overexposure. The ND filter would have lowered the brightness of the scene enough so that the camera could handle it without overexposure. Probably, it was just a case of plain ol' garden-variety overexposure, though.

ND filters are good for cases where you want to open up the lens for selective depth of field, lower the shutter speed for artistic motion-blur effects (the classic example being to get that smooth, dreamy effect in running water) and in cases where the brightness level is so high that you need to lower it in order to bring it within the capture parameters of your camera.

If you have a graduated ND filter, you can better equalize the very bright section of a scene with the darker part, like lowering the brightness of a sky in relation to the foreground so that you can get a more even exposure.


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