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Kenny_Leong wrote:
I don't reckon that 4 AA batteries is all that much heavier than a lithium ion battery casing right? And the space taken by 4 AA batteries isn't too much different than a lithium ion pack too right?
Space wise they could have added a grip on the right of the A2 to take four AAs and it would probably have added to the ergonomics of the camera. Besides which the camera is large enough that they could probably have fit the AAs in the camera if they had tried. But 4 NiMH AAs are considerably heavier and bulkier than the tiny lithium battery in the camera. I'm guessing you don't have a camera with a lithium battery to have said that.

It is the convenience factor more than the bulk and weight to me – at least for a large camera. You can't get a true pocket camera with AAs because of the extra bulk. I got a spare battery for my FZ10 from Eagle for $20 and they had one on sale for my Olympus for $10. Both batteries are in the respective cases and ready to go, and seem as competent as the originals. Lithium loses about 2% of their charge a month. NiMH loses at least 2%/day here in Florida in the summer. I find I have to cycle them through my charger or they don't have enough charge.

You can use rechargeable lithium AAs. They are lighter and don't have the self-discharge rate of NiMH. But they still have the bulk, making them inappropriate for very small cameras. And you need a special charger making them pricier – about the price of two spares for a proprietary lithium for which you already have a charger.

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Well, I have a nikon 950 and a canon g6. The weight of my 4 Nimh AA batteries isn't too much different than the BP-511 battery pack that goes into the g6. And the BP-511's volume isn't too much different than 4 AA's as well. And if I haven't touched a lithium ion battery for a while, I'm definitely not going to just walk out the door with it in my camera, thinking that it's going to be ok. I'd definitely charge it up just in case.
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