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John Kunz Dec 17, 2002 7:30 PM

JVC- Who's telling the truth?
Has this happened to anyone else? After filming a family outing on my JVC DVM90 video cam and replaying it thru my TV, I was surprised to see blocks of green in the picture after about the fifth playback. The camera is less than a year old and has been used very little. The camera prompted me to clean the heads so I purchased a Panasonic head cleaning tape and cleaned according to instructions. Upon playback the blocks of green still appeared and after scouring the manual I found absolutely no mention of these symptoms amongst the lengthy troubleshooting guide. The manual suggested that if problems persisted after head cleaning it should be taken to a warranty service center. I found this troublesome since the camera probably had only about 25 hours of use. After taking it to the local warranty station I recieved a phone call from the technician a few days later informing me that the camera was ready. I inquired as to what the problem was and he stated that nothing was wrong with the camera but that didn't I know that the mini digital video cassettes were only good for five to ten playbacks thru the camera itself and then they basically self-destruted. Well silly me! Had JVC mentioned this possibility in the manual I wouldn't have ruined the irreplacable tape by playing it back five times. After confronting JVC with this situation I was told that is not the case and JVC was in no way responsible for any tape damage and I could kiss goodbye the service fee of $55.00 and the lost tape. Looks like somebody's lying here. Is it the tech who deals with this stuff all day long or the corporate suit who called to give me the runaround? My opinion? I think something stinks at JVC because the tape I used was also a JVC so either the camera or the tape was faulty and JVC refuses to acknowedge that either could occur. Is it possible that JVC video cam heads cause excessive wear and tear on tapes or did I just pick out a lemon? The bottom line is I got no support from JVC and the next time I make a purchase, I'll know which brand not to buy! If JVC wants to sue me for libel, bring it on, I have plenty of documentation. What do you think?

marcoangels Dec 18, 2002 4:53 AM

JVC is famous for 'no support'...the fact that you even contacted them puts you miles ahead of the pack..Canon, on the other hand, has marvelous tech support, I sent back my JVC and ordered a Z-20, no problems!!!

voxmagna Dec 18, 2002 6:14 AM

Although we're mainly still cams here and mine writes loads of pics to SmartMedia, without destructing, I am surprised your tapes only last 5 replays. It's true that the head wrap round the drum will get larger as the cams get smaller, but never heard of a 5 tape life.

What you're seeing are dct block coding errors. My advice is try replaying a jvc pre-recorded tape. If that's OK, at least you know its a record problem. Then record a tape and try replaying in another JVC cam BUT all this might just open more cans of worms so I won't say more and leave you more unhappy than you already are!

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