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You'll have to forgive the goofy question but here goes.

I'm going to be buying a DSLR in the future (not sure what kind, either a Canon or Nikon, though that still leaves MANY choices) and was wondering if I would have problems using the viewfinder with my eyeglasses.

I'm not legally blind or anything but my eyes are pretty poor with my glasses off. However, with my spectacles on I can see better than 20/20. Am I going to have any problems with focusing, clarity, or just plain looking through the viewfinder on any DSLR?

I sure hope not, because if I have to take my glasses off to look through, I have no hope of shooting an in-focus shot.

I'm hoping that I won't have to smush my glasses up against my face when I press the viewfinder to my head to get a shot framed.
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You should not have any problems, I wear bi-focals, most of the time.
I have no problems at all with the 20D.

Many cameras have a diopter adjustment at the eyecup to help match them to your eye, but in my case it is not quite enough anymore :roll:


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What you want to look for in the specs is "eye relief", about 20mm is the usual if you wear glasses. iirc most all dSLR's have eye relief from 15mm to 20mm. This is the distance back from the viewfinder that allows you to still see all of the frame.
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There are also companies that make add ons to the eye piece. You can either get them with magnifications if you want to take your glasses off, or without if you want to leave them on. Unfortunetly my father got his one before the internet so I can't point you in the right direction.

Most DSLRs allow you to change the eyecup, or slot an extension onto them.
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