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I totally agree with the example of Kodak being like IBM. Very few people understood the power and convenience of digital cameras and now when you can burn a CD and take it in to get actual photo paper prints of your best pictures the need for film for the average user is becoming quite rare.

Just about everyone who sees a digital camera wants one if they are still shooting film. Only on the professional and serious enthusiast level do you still need to have film because of capabilities not available yet in digital.

Kodak, Polaroid, and other companies have to wake up, innovate, and adapt or their futures are going to be even more bleak as technology continues to improve.
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Polaroid is on a short ride to bankruptcy, and Kodak should make the short sellers on Wall St. happy over the next three years. They didn't listen to their customers.
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Kodak and Polaroid were short sighted not to see this day coming. When I first got my hands on a Canon Xapshot still video camera back in 1988 I knew that film would be weeded out, especially expensive films like Polaroid's instant pictures. It wasn't until the last few years that it actually happened though, when digital camera quality started to catch up to film so those companies had 10 years to get ready for this day.

It's not like this was the first time this has happened, not only the situations that fporch has mentioned, but the radio killing off the concert business, the TV killing off movies...they just had to get bigger and better to survive, and expand into what killed them off.

The home computer though has killed off more businesses than anything else, printing shops, typewriters, basic accountants, music studios, video editors, and now film.
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Originally Posted by SSD
My idea of the perfect digicam would be this: An ultra zoom such as 10x optical with image stabilization, the lens would have to be super quality with little to no CA's, a low light focus assist, manual controls and full auto, AA batteries, somewhat compact like the new Oly 740 and 750, manual ISO control that at least ranges from 50 to 400, a decent built in flash plus a hotshoe for an external flash.

I imagine that I will have to wait a long time for my perfect digicam to come along, and I will probably have bought a digi SLR by then. It would be nice if the big name manufacturers were checking out these sites for ideas of what the consumer wants.
same here, and I agree w/ the rest of you. I have a hard time understanding why Kodak could not make the adjustment.
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