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Mrjunky Nov 10, 2003 4:33 AM

Kodak CX6230 as a "Webcam" Using Video Out with Ca
I just got a new Kodak CX6230 and it works perfectly as a webcam when it's plugged into my ATI All in Wonder card, the only problem is (big problem) that I cannot find a way so far to disable the auto power saver thingy which shuts the screen off after 60 seconds even if the camera is plugged into the AC Adaptor...

Any help would really be appreciate.. Please Email me.
I used to have an old Kodak DC220 and it had the same problem, but that camera used something called "script" and I found one which after installed, it had the option to disable the power saver feature which shuts off the LCD or "Video Out" which used to work so well for Webcam purposes.

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