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Default Kodak DX6440, Canon A80, S400, Minolta G500 or other?

I have decided to go from my Pentax SLR to a digital cam and I can't decide what to buy. I am switching because of the bulk and also because I use only about 20% of the pictures I take and would like to delete before processing. I mostly take pictures of my moving toddler but also go on a 2 week Europe vacation once a year where we have historically taken 800+ pictures (and again use less than 20% of them). I ALWAYS use the auto mode on the camera even though have taken a couple of photography classes and could use other features. My husband doesn't know how to use them and I can't really seem to be bothered most of the time.

Because of my use, I would like the following:

1) Sharp pictures - I am looking at 4 or 5MP but will likely go with 4.
2) Fast auto focus and shutter speed (for the toddler).
3) Fast lag time in between shots.
4) I thought I wanted to have the option of using AA batteries because I am not so organized and will tend to not have replacements on me when they run out and also don't want to get stuck on international travel with no batteries, no converter/adaptor for the charger, etc. - but many people are saying that the replacements are cheap and possibly I could buy a couple of replacements for travel. So perhaps the battery life is more important.

Was looking at Kodak DX6440, Canon A80, perhaps Canon S400 and now after reading some of the posts perhaps Minolta G500.

Any advice would be helpful.

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Hey Kristin:

You probably saw some of my posts on the G500 (I probably sound like a broken record I recommend it so often). ops:

I've been extremely pleased with mine. As for the batteries, it comes with a dual voltage charger (the camera was designed for multiple markets), and a 850mAh Lithium Ion Battery. It even supports multiple languages (English, French, German, Japanese).

You can find spares on Ebay very inexpensively (two for around $20.00). Just search for batteries for the Konica KD-310z, KD-400z, KD-410z, KD-500z, or KD-510z. The battery in the new Minolta DiMAGE G500 is the same.

Here's an example:


Instead of repeating myself, just read through this forum post at dpreview.com. It's responding to someone looking for a compact camera, and I went into lots of the benefits of this model:


One more thing. Go down to a local store and "test drive" the models you are considering. Most stores have demo models. Check out the ergonomics, build quality, LCD Display, startup time, focus speed, shot to shot times, etc. on the models you are considering.

Make sure you are comfortable with your choice. Don't go by reviews alone.

Good Luck!
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