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Default Kodak EasyShare not emailing pix

I have tried several times to send pix by email from the EasyShare
email screen, and each time I have gotten a message saying
that it could not connect.

One time, somehow, I saw a message that said
that the Gallery is not available in my area.
I was not trying to use the Gallery; in fact,
I would prefer to avoid it if at all possible.

One of the prime reasons I had for getting a digital camera
was to be able to easily email pix.
If it's not going to work, I just spent $130 on a camera and
memory cards that I could have instead spent on food.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I heartily dislike the EasyShare software because it just "loads up and slows down your computer unecessarily, and you really do not need it all.

Download, not using the cable attached to the camera, but with a simple inexpensive SD card reader that plugs into your computer's USB port (cost: $3 to $5) to Picasa3 (a free download from www.google.com). Then send your photo as a photo attached to a normal e-mail, using your existing e-mail software.

Sarah Joyce
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To clarify, you can email directly from Picasa.
Picasa will scan your computer for pics, so just copy the pictures from your camera to 'My pictures' folder or a folder in that folder. In picasa, after it scans the new photos, just select the ones you want to email and click 'email' on the bottom bar, then fill out your email account info, then write message, then done! The nice thing is that Picasa will auomatically resize the photos for you so the emails will be small.
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I only ever used the Kodak software once, quite some time ago, but IIRC, the email portion had to be configured by entering the account and password in the software.
Don't know if that is still the case.

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Default EasyShare problem

I did the email setup, but only after the first time I clicked on "send".
Maybe it won't work because it wasn't set up first.

I hate these bloody konfuzers and software.....
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