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Hey guys, I've been looking for about 2-3 moths at various digital cameras, the exilims, elphs etc...

None of which seemed to really justify the price to me. But recently, my friend just got aKodak LS743 which took incredibly good pictures. So for 300 dollars I could settle. Recently, browsing newegg.comI came acrossthe SonyDSC P73 which also seemed to be incredibly decent, although Ihaven't had a first hand look at it.

I've tried to compare the two andthey seem about the same, the sony being slightly largerbut having interchangable lenses and a add-on flashbracket. Other then that,I can't really find to many differences, that's why I'm posting here.

Ifanyone can reccomend either of these, and preferibly why,it would be a great help.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I'm not a hardcore photographer or anything, and I probably won't be. I'm just looking for something that when I need to get one of those quick "memory" pics, I can whip it out and it will do it, and it will take good quality photos. The features do effect my choice, but not as much, let's face it, at least I'm not going to use 30 different modes for shooting.


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First, the Sony dosent have an interchangeable lens. Now for my advice, for someone like you, who just wants a camera to keep around for snapshots here and there both are good choices. What I think it really comes downto for you would be the memory and the power source. The sony uses MemoryStick media and AA batteries where as the Kodak uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery and SecureDigital memory.

In my experiences with digital cameras, any camera that runs on AA batteries will run out of power too fast, or if you leave it around, it wont have power when you need it. That said, AA's are available everywhere you go. On the otherhand, the lithium ion batteries last longer, but again if not used for a while, they may not have the power when you need it.

Now for the memory, MemoryStick media has always been more expensive than SD for the same amount of storage. SD is more versatile, in a few years if you decided to get a new camera, they may still take SD where as the Memorystick is limited to Sony.

So, I would recommend the Kodak, but if haven't already you should read Steve's reviews of both, I postedd the links below for you...


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yes, i have, thank you though for your help.

the way I see it, is the kodak takes about 200-250 pictures on a full battery, and I'm probably going to get a 256 mb card, which happens to hold 200-250 pictures. so that works out well.

i was going to get the kodak at first, but came across the sony on accident; now ill just stick to my original choice.

thanks for everything!

heres a link for a kingston 256mb SD card for 29.00 in case you need it:


thanks again for everything!
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