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Hi Folks,

I have just received this camera and have noticed when recording and playing back video a small dot in the lower right corner of the screen. It is most noticable on darker images.

This isnt a damaged lcd or ccd as the dot moves! Has anyone else noticed this, Im going to return the camera as this must be a fault.

The dot is really tiny but is also noticable on the playback of video from a pc

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First, you have to determine the 3 possibilities:

1. Dirts on the LCD glass (you said unlikely)
2. Dirts on the lens (then clean it)
3. Dirts or dead pixels on the CCD

Take/View pictures under some special conditons may help the analysis:

4. Take a picture under COMPLETE DARKNESS, or simply by shielding the lens with black paper.
5. Repeat (4) but with diff colors of pure R,G & B.
6. Similarly, use an image editor e.g. EasyShare itself, to create a completely dark image, and then import back to the SD card, then use the V550 to view it.

7. Or if there is a small bug crawling on the CCD, apply some pesticide, or ask a programmer to de-bug it.

By trying diff combination, you can then narrow down the problem.
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