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nymphetamine Nov 2, 2005 5:21 PM

How rugged is this AS in the KM series. Meaning, when compared to lenses how long do u think this AS in the body will last. And what could be the service and replacement charges. Doesnt it just add more liability to the camera now(tho the AS is the best a dSlr can ask for)..

I mean if u look at the downside, isnt it bigger than the other non AS cameras like Nikon , Canon and others.

I personaly beleive KM 5D or 7D can replace even 20D in most of the situations except may be shooting sports.But how reliable the AS are.


[email protected] Nov 2, 2005 5:36 PM

I don't think the antishake is a problem in terms of reliablity however I haven't heard of anyone talking about their antishake "breaking".

I think Nikons are considered the best "sports" cameras because of their ability to do 1/500th flash synchronization.

Canons are known for the best image quality.

Konica Minolta are known for the best user friendly controls.

I personally couldn't be bothered with antishake myself as it doesn't really fit my photographic style.

-- Terry

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