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Which laptop do you use for your traveling, photo editing, and/or storage needs if any?

Certain specs you wouldn't want to do without?
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Centrino 2.0 Ghz, 1GB ram, 120GB HD.
Display with 1680x1050 resolution.

I mostly use my desktop though, an E6600 with 2GB for editing etc.
My laptop is sufficient for the 8mp images I used to edit with it, I havent tried the 12mp that I now produce yet. The desktop is just so much faster.

If you are into photoshopping, I would say 2GB ram, at least a dual core CPU and as much HD space as you can afford would be important.

I am also a screen resolution junkie. No less than 1680x1050 would do for me.
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For years I have used the Fujitsu P series laptops for travelling (10.5 inch screen).
But I have just purchased the new HP2133 mininote. I need the expresscard/34 slot. So now I will be using the mininote for travelling. Smaller and lighter than the Fujitsu anyway.

At home I use my desktop computers for all image processing. I do very little image processing while travelling and use my travel laptop only for viewing/reviewing shots while in the field (ie: away from home).
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A Durabook laptop with a 14.1" screen. Intel Processor 1.7GHz and 3 GB of Ram. 200GB hard drive, DL DVD with Light Scribe, Photoshop Elements 5.0, MS Office 2003, Norton Antivirus, Total Video Convertor and honestech VHS to DVD 3.0 Deluxe. Also the needed software to connect to my netgear storeage central device (which has 2 hard drives). Been using it two years this September. All I have done is upgrade the hard drive from 60GB to 200GB and added 2GB of Ram since I bought it. Not a cheap machine but it sure holds up very very well for me. I also have a USB Card reader 15-in-1 as the laptop only has an SD slot (tried to get one with a CF slot which was not available).

I used both a compaq and a Dell laptop in the pass that didn't hold up for me. Had them each about 14 months before they fell apart and in the case of the compaq the entire monitor would not light up even though the machine worked using an external monitor.

I also have a custom built desktop unit 19" monitor, Athlon 6400+ process, 3GB of Ram, 500GB hard drive, 2 DL DVDs with Light Scribe, same software as desktop. Use it mainly for viewing my pictures when I need to do a lot of editing of fine detail.

I use the laptop 90% of the time.


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I now use an HP Pavilion Notebook Model TX2117CL purchased at SamsClub. Small, it's both a Penabled Wacom compatible tablet (pressure sensitive, eraser pen, etc.) computer as well as a regular notebook. Yes, it does use Vista, but with 3GB ram it works well with CS3. AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Dual-Core, 1280 x 800 screen, NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150, 250GB SATA Hard Drive, and of course Wireless b/g/n and Bluetooth. For three-quarters of a year it has proved to be an excellent on-the-road or in-the-backpack editing computer for someone in his sixth decade — me.

While others have pooh-poohed the use of a Penabled tablet because the screen, to some, appears a bit "coarser", as a compact travel computer for photo editing it is simply outstanding in my opinion.

At home I can plug it into a dedicated HP dock and 19" monitor (between Circuit City sales, credit card points, and eBay, got both brand new for $250) and use it as a dual-monitor setup with my oldest, otherwise unused Wacom tablet as a backup editing machine

And that setup was a godsend for a couple of weeks when my main photoediting-specific computer blew its power supply three weeks ago and I had to order a 700 watt replacement supply from TigerDirect (it's a true power-user machine).

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A Sager Laptop with a 300mhz PII Mobile CPU with 256MB of RAM running SimplyMEPIS 6.04 Beta 4 (a very lean beta version of a popular Linux distribution, that I have never bothered to replace with a production release since it's so reliable on this older machine). I ran earlier versions of the same linux distro on it before that.

I spent a lot for this laptop, getting it used for a "buy it now" price of $112 over 3 years ago on Ebay. :-)

It's extremely reliable, and the original battery still holds a charge (as we find out when the power goes out, and we go to sleep without shutting it down, with it's built in battery low alarm waking us up hours later). lol

It runs for months at a time without any need for a reboot, too (thanks to a very stable Operating System, even though it's a beta version).

I've also got a number of imaging related applications installed on it, including digiKam, Krita, the Gimp and Ufraw

OK -- it's old 300mhz CPU with only 256MB RAM installed is is a bit on the slow side for image work, and it's hard to process raw files on it, unless you're very patient. :lol:

My wife uses this old laptop (mostly as a desktop now with an external monitor and keyboard) for Internet Browsing via Firefox, keeping up with our budget and word processing needs using Open Office, playing Solitaire, etc. But, we have brought it with us when on the road traveling, using it's built in modem for dial up access, and a PCMCIA wireless adapter for internet hot spots.

We've also got a newer Core 2 Duo based Dell 1720 laptop. It came with Vista preinstalled. But, we rarely use Vista (I don't think she ever does, but I use it every once in a while for some Windows apps). We've got SimplyMEPIS 7.0 (a newer version of the same linux distribution installed on the older Sager laptop) in a dual boot configuration, and it's a much more responsive operating system on this new Dell laptop compared to Vista, with loads of good software preinstalled. We've also got Picasa for Linux on it, as well as Bibble Pro (they offer a native Linux version). I also have the same applications installed on the newer Dell as I do on the old 300mhz PII Mobile based Sager (digiKam, Krita, the Gimp and Ufraw) as well as few more like Raw Therapee

I use my desktop for most things. But, a laptop is nice to have when traveling, and my wife uses them at home.

Here's a downsized screen capture of the old 300mhz Intel Mobile based Sager laptop from July 4th. Note the up time (over 2600 hours) and RAM used (105MB) in the KSensors app on the screen. Try that with a newer version of most desktop operating systems. ;-)

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