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I have about 6gb of pictures that we have taken over the past couple of years. CDs have their place, but can become scratched plus difficult to find pictures when you want them. I am concerned that one day my drive will fail and cost me big bucks to get the data reconstructed. What are people using to file their pictures, keep them organized and keep them safe for long term storage?
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Buy a DVD Burner, they go for around $70-80 now. They can hold about 4 1/2 GB. Ive seen the discs as low as $30 for a 100 pack.
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First, I store all my pics on a seperate drive from my OS. That way if the OS crashes, all of mypics are still safe.

Second, I use an external hard drive to backup all of my pictures and store that drive in a fireproof safe. Here is the drive I use - http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/Produc...uctCode=100747

Hope this helps a little.

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DVDs suffer from the same long term storage issues as CDs. The media will degrade. As for an external drive, well as a mirror, I guess. A lot of extra work, easier and cheaper to buy and IDE RAID card and buy hi cap ide drives that are mirrored. I am already doing this with software mirroring on two ultra 360 SCSI drives. Huge expense and waste of space. I am looking to bring a lower cost, reliable data storage. Maybe a RAID strip (level 3,4 or 5 configuration.) Cost/MB is not too bad unless you are mirroring. IDE is much cheaper and it is a waste of my U360 drives for this sort of thing. I do not need super fast data transfer for picture storage.

What I am looking for is maybe an affordable NAS or Internet storage solution that is cost effective and provides long term stability.
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A mirrored raid array is the way to go PROVIDED that the HDs have independant, isolated power supplies also with independant USPs.

Else one good power surge or short circuit still takes out everything.
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To solve this problem I just purchased 2 western digital hard disks, and two external USB2/FireWire enclosures WITH FANS and their own built in power supply.

Then I just hook them up using USB2 (I'm going to buy a good firewire card.) I use a simple batch file and robocopy from microsoft (comes in Window 2000's powertoys, I believe.) The batch file is very simple and it makes sure that the mirror is in sync.

The advantage of this is that there is no fancy software required. My computer could melt down and I could hook it directly into another computer and it would work fine. I could detach one and plug it into a friends computer and it would work fine. Being bound to special drivers means the company must keep updating them for new OSs or you're stuck.

The downside is that I have to run the batch file. I could automate that (when I logoff) but I haven't yet. Just every few days I run the batch file (which also backs up other things, like my imatch database & where I store mail.)

Simple, effective, easy. Not perfect, not loose-no-data-ever-perfect-backup... but it works well with little complexity.

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There is cheap NAS available.


I'm using a 250Gb Linkstation. It took about 15 minutes to set up and it's attached to my WLAN. It publishes its disk to both SMB and FTP protocols.

Very good prices too. No RAID but at these prices you could easily buy two.

My basic backup procedure for my photos is to keep them on my laptop hard disk and the linkstation until I have about 4Gb then I archive from my laptop to a DVD and delete from my laptop. Each picture is therefore always stored in 2 locations.
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