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I read a thread on one of the forums about cracks in over-large display screens due to bumps on the wall, carrying in pockets, etc. I'm shopping for a compact, and have a large display screen (2.0+) as a criteria. Sony's W1, for example, with a 2.5" screen is on my list, as is the Pentax 4i with a 1.8 screen, and Casio R51 with a 2.0. But, do you experienced users feel this is or could be a real problem? As a retiree, I only want to buy one, and don't want to get into the risk of non-covered by the warranty repairs. Or, do you feel this was maybe exaggerated by the poster, and is an unusual happening? Thanks very much...

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The couple of examples of LCD screens I've used have been fine. The first, on a Nikon CP4500, is quite small but the one on my D100 is larger. Where the later scores is that it hasa transparentLCD cover. This is removable / replaceable if required and protects the LCD very well.

If you are worried then one option to consider is an LCD sun screen. Acting as it does like a minature folding camera bellows it will help protect the LCD from all but the most direct attacks.

Regards, Graham.

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I saw the same posts about the LCD cracking that you saw from the Sony owner. I was disturbed that an LCD would be this fragile. I do not know if the poster was exaggerating or not.

Personally, I've never had a problem with the LCD display on any Digital Camera I've owned (and they have taken considerable abuse). However, I guess it's possible that some of the newer displays have thinner (or more fragile) glass.

I would not want to reach a conclusion, based on one users experience, though.
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Personally, I would not use the LCD screen as a criteria for purchasing a new camera. The capabilities of the camera are far more important than the screen.
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The LCD can be the weakest link inmany cameras: with my Sony P52 there is a slight gap at the edge where the case meets the LCD and I had accidentally allowed cleaning liquid through - the camera appeared to have short-circuited. The LCD onmy Sony VI has a covering screen and would be much safer.
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I frequently read questions similar to this and about scratches in the LCD screen and so and so. Do most cameras have the actual LCD screen exposed? Most of this problems would be solved if all cameras were like mine. I have a Kodak DX4330 and the LCD screen is actually behind a plastic panel which is the one exposed to the elements. Any scratch in this panel will not harm the LCD itself. The panel is flush with the back of the camera, which also avoids the problem of liquids getting around the screen into the camera. One very simple design feature that could help save a lot of headaches with users. I have never paid attention if other Kodak Easyshare cameras also are like this.

Check the picture of the camera back here to see what I mean.


The black area that says Kodak and Easyshare plus the labeling of the buttons is a plastic panel with a transparent window in the middle where the LCD can be seen. You cannot touch the LCD itself in this camera.

Edit: Just checked the DX6490 review pictures and noticed that it too has a plastic panel protecting the LCD screen. This seems to be a common design feature in Kodak cameras. Well, at least the DX4330, DX4530 and DX6490, that is. :-)
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It's funny! After I wrote the above message I went to the reviews section of this site to look for the Kodak cameras and interestingly enough only a handful of their cameras have the panel I mentioned on top of the LD screen. Most of them are from the EasyShare DX and CX series. Some of the older humongously large DSLRs also seem to have them too.
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