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In comparing LCD monitors, is a contrast ratio of 800 : 1 better than a contrast ratio of 600 : 1? You would think so, but I can't find any info. And, a response time of 8 ms should be better than 12 ms??? And a brightness of 300 cd/m2 better than 250 cd/m2???? Does anyone have any information if this is so? I have been looking at 19" LCD's and I have found several, but the cheapest one I found, by about $75.00, has the 800 : 1 ratio, the 300 cd/m2 brightness and the 8 ms response time. I hope this is good.
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These specs are BSable, and I would not go for an offbrand merely because of the specs. Off brands often have short lives, BSed specs, easily gets dead pixels, etc.

Samsung, Dell, HP, ViewSonic, Acer, BenQ, and several others would be good brand choices. This Samsung may be worth looking into. Newegg is the best place to buy for service, and decent prices. I would be weary of an new 19" LCD under $200. Plan to spend at least that for a decent one. You usually get what you pay for with stuff like this. I own a 17" Samsung I bought at Sams Club for $250, which they now have for about $230, and it is fantastic for a cheap LCD. I wish you the best of luck!
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They also play games with their numbers. Instead of black to white timeing measure, they measure the time to change from a gray to a white. They will also have inconsistent brightness or contrast across the panel.

Just go with a name brand, you'll be much happier. If you do choose a dell (I'm not saying you should.. they are fairly good, but you could do better if you want to) keep an eye out for regular sales. You can some times save 20% or more off the price if you're careful.

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Also excessive brightness is one trick they use to rise contrast ratio when "black" what screen produces is grey.
I think even 200cd/m2 is enough if room isn't very brightly illuminated.

Also color preroduction can be very problematic like bright or dark shades.
So if you're getting it for digiphotos don't buy generic El Cheapo.

(Eizos are made more for serious use, but those also cost)
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