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I was looking around trying to find what the actual resolutions were of different camera LCDs, and I found that newer cameras with 230k pixel displays have the resolution 960x240. That seems like a pretty odd resolution, but I guess it makes things simpler since the cameras capture 640x480 30 fps interlaced video.

Then I was looking at the numbers listed for other cameras, and they all seem to be doing the same thing. Always 240 pixels tall, no matter how big the screen. Maybe that's not actually the case, but the numbers fit. Weird!

960x240 = 230k pixels = newer Panasonic, Fuji, BenQ cameras
864x240 = 207k pixels = Panasonic FX9, FX01, FX07
720x240 = 173k pixels = newer Canon 2.5" screens
640x240 = 153k pixels = Fuji F20
480x240 = 115k pixels = newer Canon 1.8" screens
352x240 = 85k pixels = many Canon/Nikon screens of all sizes

Really, that's getting pretty silly when your pixels are 3X taller than they are wide at 960x240.

I guess they get these panels from suppliers who like to use resolutions which make dealing with interlaced video a non-issue (the screens are used in all kinds of media players), but that's crazy how high they're letting it get before they make the move to 480.

Half D1 is a valid DVD resolution. It's 352x480 and gives you much clearer video than anything x 240 would. It's interesting that they've gone so far beyond 169k pixels without switching to 480 lines.

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