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Isn't there a Johnny Cash song about that?

"I got it one piece at a time...and it didn't cost me a dime"

But that was a car...never mind!:?
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I think it is the same idea as customizing a car however, I think building a custom car would be several orders of magnitude easier. If you have never seen the inside of a modern "electronic" camera, you are in for a surprise. The electronic components are mounted on a thin flexible sheet of plastic with printed circuit traces on it. This "circuit board" is cut and shaped to fit the inside of the camera body. I am not sure how the ccd is mounted.

You also have the problem of different brands of lenses using different mountings and different control mechanisms. Many modern lenses have cpu chips in them. Some lenses have the focus motor in the lens while others use a mechanical coupling to a focus motor in the camera body.

Those are just a few of the obstacles you will encounter. If you should decide to go ahead with this project, I think everyone here would like to see periodic reports on your progress and some photos of your work.

Good luck.

Cal Rasmussen
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As I posted earlier, I think this is a neat idea. So, I was thinking about this a little more.

As Calr posted, you will have some issues with over all circuitry, lenses, etc. But where would you even start to get these parts? I would think building a custom camera would cost quite a bit more than purchasing a nice DSLR or something along those lines. You also have the issue of spending a bunch of money on parts, and the camera may never work. Then you are out a bunch of $$$.

Just my thoughts. If you do decide to give this a try, keep us posted.

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