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hello. can anyone please tell me what exactly i need to protect my lens on a nikon d40? i hae nothing on it and several people have commented that i need protection. but, noone knew what ot recommend! thanks
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I believe what those people are referring to is a simple clear filter, though some people also use haze or UV filters for the same purpose.

There are some good reasons to use a protection filter:
  • A filter is easier to clean that the objectiveelement of your photographic lens.[/*]
  • Should the worst happen, replacing a damaged filter is less expensive than replacing a damaged objectiveelement.
There are, however, some good reasons not to use a protection filter:
  • Adding an optical element, especially a cheap filter,to the lens is likely to decrease the image quality.[/*]
  • Filters will frequently increase vignetting with short focal lengths
The choice is yours, but if you choose touse filters to protect you lenses, you should make sure they are good quality filters.
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Tcav is right about filters. I don't use one, but do always use a sunshade. Beyond keeping the sun off the lens, it also keeps some other things off the lens like twigs from the side. Not as much protection as a filter, but more than nothing - esp on long lenses where the shade sticks way out front.
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It used to be that most people used filters to protect their lenses from possible damage. I've done it both ways but have found that not only can filters contribute to vignetting, cheap ones can add flare under some conditions, too. If you often forget to put your lens cap back on when you put it in your bag, you might want to use one.
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You can also protect your lens with a lens hood. It doesn't stop little kids from sticking their dirty little fingers into your front lens element.
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