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First off, im new here, and not sure if this is the right area to post this, if not im sorry.

Ok i just bought a used Sigma Zoom 28-80mm 1:3.5-5.6 Macro Lens, buying this i knew it only focused in manual mode.

I got the lens looked at it and listened to it...It tries to focus and moves a bit, but thats about all. I assume the gears in it are stipped or something...So my question is, is it possible to open the lens to replace those, or see what is causeing this.

The screwsi took out of the back of the lens only allow little access to just view the inside of it.
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I wouldn't try to open it myself. You could get dust or other things into it that would really hurt the optics. Also, some of the higher end lenses don't have "air" between the lenses but instead have special gases that you would release.

Now, I doubt that lens does have the special gases, but I'm just making a point.

It is possible that a local camera repair shop could fix it for less than buying a new one. They are trained in lens repair. For now, if you could disable the AF with a switch or something on the lens I'd do it. You don't want to make the problem worse.

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Thanks for the reply Eric,

After looking and listening to it..and being a zoom lens, i can look down into it, and i notice there is a brass gear that wont completely turn when in AF, and you can hear it and the other gears rubbing on it cause it wont turn...so i dont know if its rusted out, or if something is jammed in the gear
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