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Default Which lens to take

We are traveling to the Black Hills of South Dakota and to Mt. Rushmore in a few weeks.

I have limited space for camera gear. So I can't take my whole bag.

My camera body is the Canon 5d mark III. What lenses would you recommend? I have never shot much scenery, mostly I shoot people, so this is sort of new territory for me.

Faithfully Yours,
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For landscapes and scenery I would want to make sure I had a Circular Polarizer for the lens I was using. Past that I am afraid I cannot be of much help.

Enjoy your trip. You are headed to a beautiful part of our country.
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Bringing a 'Full Frame' body limits your choice of lenses, plus any you bring will be bigger and heavier than 'APS-C' equivalents.

I'd say a 24-70 or similar (the maximum aperture probably doesn't matter; just the angle of view), and a 70-300.
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What lenses do you have to chose from, might be a good starting point.

My own preference are in the 16-40mm range for wide-scapes and in the 300-600mm range to cut out scenic vignettes on a full-frame body.
I usually leave the middle of the road lens ranges at home if I need to save space.

As mentioned a polarizer is a good option but watch the skies if used on wide angles, uneven lighting may occur.
Depending on the time of day you are imaging split ND grads might prove useful too.

TrIpOd! For landscape work it is a really useful tool!
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hope this works not sure you can use search without logging into 500px


Many of their images there include the equipment info, unless the image creator removed it.

Seem Mount Rushmore and a 105mm on a full-frame or 70mm on a aps-c body seem to be about right for that landmark.
Photography a fading pastime
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