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I'm am completely new to this hobby so please be patient. Firt of all I have upgraded from a lowly Canon S110 Elph 2 MP to the Konica-Minolta Z5. Did alot of reading and I ended up getting this unit at a fairly reasonable price. I would like to purchase some conversion lens and would like to know which will be the most useful and I would get the most use out of it. Some things I will do with the camera.

Family outings

One thing I don't fully understand. My camera has a 12x optical zoom on it which is great, but some instances I would like more. I have seen lenses that say 3x. Would that bring the image to 15x, 36x, or down to 3x. and at what quality, this is my main question.


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From Minolta's website:
Get close to the action, even from a distance with DiMAGE Z5's powerful Mega Zoom. The 12x optical zoom lens provides a focal length equivalent to 420mm* to let you fill the frame with far-off subjects. Plus 4x digital zoom takes the number to an incredible 48x total zoom range.

Quick note about digital zoom: my rule of thumb is to keep digtial zoom turned off if possible. The image sensor, a CCD chip, has a certain maximum resolution, in this case 5 megapixels. It can not deliver more than that. If you are zoomed in all the way (12x - 420 mm) optically and start to zoom in digitally, what you are doing is taking smaller and smaller sections of the sensor and enlarging that. Its kind of like cutting the middle out of an 8x10 to get a 4x6.

With the image stabilization and the 12x zoom, you should be able to get plenty of great shots without using dz. Keep your resolution set to maximum and crop using software such as photoshop to get in closer than that. PS - it would be a good idea to keep your ISO set low to reduce noise, with the image stabilization you can take adantage of the slower shutter speeds - as long as your subject is not the one that's moving.

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Soligar makes a lens accessory that is a 1.5 times multiplyer, so your 35-420mm lens becomes a 52 to 630 lens - more than enough lens for most people in terms of telephoto. The shake you will get going beyond this is extreme, but with the anti shake technology you will have less problems.

For add on lenses, you have only the choices of increasing the overall magnification or decreasing it. You will not change the fact that the lens is a 12x zoom. Using a telephoto enhancer like above, you get more telephoto capability, but its still 12x range. If you use a wide angle enhancer, you may go from 20 to 240, which is still a 12x range.

There may be a few other companies out there, including konica minolta, who make such accessories. I find that the 420 you are currently getting is good, but would find the 35 mm minimum focal length a pain and would first of all be looking for a wide angle adapter.

Try looking under "lens accessories" with your camera's name in Google and see what you come up with if you want to find out more.

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