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ChrisBrewster wrote:
Well, about my high horse, I line up with those who argue that the reason for grammar is to make a point clearly. Of course, if the thought is simple and the speaker and listener are from the same cultural context, they'll understand each other perfectly. But in technical areas (I'm a technical writer), the people can easily misunderstand a passage. I spend all my time trying to keep the point clear, and I still fail some of the time. It has nothing to do with snobbery, nazism, or whatever. I'm completely open to new usages as long as people can just understand each other. Andmany internet postings leave me wondering what was meant.
No problem, I am a stickler for language, spelling and grammar, too. I remember writinga belittlingemail once to the webmaster of a site because I thought they had misspelled a few words, not realizing that they were located in Ireland and the spellings were perfectly British, just not American. Boy was I embarrassed when they replied. Since then I always ensure to check the dictionary before pointing out such errors.

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