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Default Lightfast ink

Has anyone used the lightfast inks?. Does it work? Using normal ink I am noticing fading after about 5 months, even when behind glass. I am using an Epson 680 with compatable or genuine inks on 260gm glossy paper. Results are excellent, but not for long. I am considering buying a new one which uses the new inks, but is it worth it?
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I found the ink problem out by accident when I left a print near a sunny window. I'm moving to more stable ink. There are 2 sorts I know of. Archival inks 75 years plus - but they have a different colour Gamut for stability, and Fotonic ink good for 25 years but matched to original ink colour. I'll probably try the Fotonic inks.
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Epson now make "Pigment " Inks but they are not available for my printer. I dont want to invest in another Printer until I hear from someone who has used them.
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it is regretful that they marry the printer to the ink.

the improvements in the inks plus 6 color vs 4 color
improvements in print speeds and color accuracy. usb, firewire connection support and the pricing for the printers makes the jump worth it today. it seems that there are 2 major players eyeing our $

when looking at any printer remember that the cost of the printer is in reality a small part of the overall price you pay. look at the ink price thats their profit margin. i have already spent possibly 10x the original cost of the printer in that consumable. also remember when a company says a cartridge will print say 400 pages that is generally based on 15% coverage of each page. photo take up a bit more, i generally cut that amount by 80% for photos in the 8x10 range.

what i have found over the past months of looking around:

highest ink cost-Lexmark. but you can usually get one of their printers free with a new computer.

lowest ink cost- seems at the moment and varies with model is epson
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What your cost/8x10? ... I'm in the market for a 13x19 printer. I currently have the EPX785, 1270, and HP Photosmarts (yes-even the older 6-color Moon & Star cartridges). The Photosmart (3-color) is the cheapest @ ~$0.60/8x10 (with high capacity HP cartridge from Costo) and that's what I used mostly.

It's pretty decent until I need more detail (or borderless) then I'll switch over to the Epsons (5-color). I believe the new Epsons 2200 has a photo black cartidge as well (but Costco don't carry Epson 5-color cartridges). What I've found is the Epson color cartrige is too small and keep running out after 25-30 8x10 making it more expensive to operate! Is it different with the new Epson that now have separate individual cartridges (but still with memory IC) or the Canon S9000 is a better choice?

BTW HP also have 6-color model now as well... (however its ink price is still unknown)
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The newest printer available here is "Epson950" It boasts the highest resolution yet and individual "Pigment " Inks. At a cost of 380 is it worth the price. I still hav'nt heard from anyone who has used the "Pigment" Inks.
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