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Hi all,

The guy in this video uses a light meter that tells him to set his camera to f/18. Can anyone tell me why the meter does this...?


I like the idea of the lowest F stop so I can have the blurry background etc....

What would happen if the lightmeter said f/18, but you set your camera to f/4?

From what I have read in this thread:


You would have to change the light to be able to use f4?

Is this correct?

What if you were outside and couldn't change the lighting?

(I will read more from these posts and try and answer the questions myself)


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When using strobes or on-camera flash, SLR cameras have a minumum shutter speed. This is due to the type of shutter used. This means that to get proper exposure, either the amount of light, or the camera's aperture must be adjusted. Most strobe lighting is adjustable only in fairly large increments (full, 1/2, 1/4, etc.) so the aperture is the most used for finer control.

If you have a fixed, minimum shutter speed, and want to use a wider aperture, you need to reduce the amount of light received by the camera. This can be done by adjusting your light output, as you mention, and/or by using a ND filter on the camera lens.

For outdoor use, ambient light is usually enough for proper exposure, so the shutter speed can be increased if you want to use a wider aperture.

I hope this answers your question, but if not, don't hesitate to ask again or as for more details. We have lot's of help available.

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