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I'm taking a vacation for a couple weeks and I'm afraid I'll fill up my memory cards. I have the Fiji/Olympus xD cards. I'm wondering if anyone has experience in downloading the images to a CD or e-mailing them to a personal account via chain-type retailers??

I may have enough memory to last me the duration- I'm just wondering what I'll do if I don't.

I'll be in major cities throughout, by the way.

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hey andrew

i have a trip coming out, long, 29 day photographer's dream trip covering a lot of the photographic icons...

anyway, i've had this trip planned for over a year, so i had saved up and bought a laptop for this specific purpose...so i can just dump them and burn CDs...

you should be able to find a nice laptop for under 700...you don't need much...just a big enough HD to hold the pictures you're dumping until you burn the CD, and enough RAM it doesn't go too slow

i do think they have places, you can burn CDs from your memory cards...most likely places that have digital camera services

i'm sorry i can't help you more, but i'm sure they're out there

i'd check out kodak, or even walmart ...see if they do something like that

Have a great trip!

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A few options...
1) As Vito mentioned get a small inexpensive Laptop then use the built in hard driveor burn in CDs as you go.

2) Digital wallets. For less than $200 USD you can get a 20GB unit that can download direct. Smaller/lighter than option 1, but doesn't have the big display.

3) Internet Cafes .. these are almost everyplace nowdays and usually have the ability to burn CDs for you.I advise you bring a card reader with you. With the large email accounts now available for free (yahoo, msn) you canemail the pictures home also.

4) Business centers in hotels.. Most have PCs and can work like the internet cafes.

5) Portable burner, similar to a digital wallet but directly burns CDs of the cards. Larger than a digital wallet and is a bit of a pain if your card is larger than 700MB.


Good luck (I have a digital wallet but have used business centers on some trips).

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Old Nov 19, 2004, 2:07 AM   #4
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Haven't used it yet but saw that CVS with Kodak Picture Maker units will burn a CD for $2.99...however, it says it's limited to 120 pix...that maybe a software/hardware limitation of those units...not that bad a price, and cheaper for occasional use than buying hardware...
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Bring your own, high quality blank CD media.

Since you will traveling to some large cities you can burn all media to CD.

Make TWO copies. One to mail home, one to keep with you.

Also, if you go laptop route ala Vito, then make sure you have image edit software (PS or PSP for instance) on it.

Buon viaggio.



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