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balllimo Jan 3, 2003 7:09 PM

Looking DC to mount on wing of glider
I'm looking for a digital camera that I can mount out on the wing of my hang glider. The main problem is it needs to be light and have a remote control of some sort, wheather mechanical or electrical. It also needs to be able to disable the auto shut off. Can anyone give me any ideas?

Gary Senkus Jan 3, 2003 9:23 PM

Do not think you are going to be abe to do it your way. Those things that controll rudders-flaps, could you add 2 more and rig one to fire cam, other for on off?
Do not think a digcam remote will have range you need unless you have remote helecopter and just want to clear fence to catch neighbors sun bathing in the .....
Try Jamcam 3.0 about $30 light and not much to loose while you figure this out.

hzxlvf Jan 3, 2003 10:09 PM

I think someone doesnít know what a hang glider is. Anyway I can tell you the Nikon cp4500 has a remote available and the Oly c50 comes with one. As for weight I donít think that would cause too much trouble. Maybe a counter weight on the opposit side would help. Mounting will require a special mount. I built one years ago for my ultralight. A simple two piece clamp with a place to thread a ľ-20 bolt through to the tripod mount hole on the camera. Good luck and happy flying!

Gary Senkus Jan 3, 2003 10:31 PM


Originally Posted by hzxlvf
I think someone doesnít know what a hang glider is.

opps blew it, blind in one eye and cannot see out of other. :shock:


hzxlvf Jan 3, 2003 10:36 PM

Ha Ha Thought it was "hand "glider didnt you. Your not the first to make that mistake.

Gary Senkus Jan 3, 2003 10:43 PM

Dont you think the helecopter idea may have potenal???

hzxlvf Jan 3, 2003 10:49 PM

A stepladder would be more practical.

Mike_PEAT Jan 3, 2003 11:26 PM

You can easily look for cameras that have remotes, and you can set the auto shut off for the longest length and as long as you do something to the camera within that time it shouldn't shut off.

So, the big problem is the mount for the hang glider, and as the majority of people here probably have no experience with them, suggest you hit a hang glider group (maybe Yahoo has a group for hang glider users), or go into and do a search for HANG GLIDER CAMERA which will give you links for mounts, and for camera ideas.

Yahoo groups home:


balllimo Jan 4, 2003 12:09 PM

DC camera help for hang glider
Thanks guys for the input. I have no problem in the mount for the camera on the glider already have that and most of the other hang gliding photo buffs I know are still using the big Oly, Cannon. etc. What I'm trying to get away from is the expenice of all the film and devolpement cost just to find that none of the pictures I took are any good . Oh I get a good one once and a while but to be able to edit the ones on the DC and put them in a file on the puter would be great. With every thing getting smaller, faster, more memeroy etc it's hard to keep current

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