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Default Looking for info....

Hi, would anyone care to comment/and share any "inside" info on the following 2 cameras?? I am a rookie with digital cameras, but have managed to narrow my choice down to 2 cameras and would like to know what your experience/ knowledge with the 2 ;
1) Fuji s3000
2) Canon a70
I am aware of the obvious differences such as the opt. zoom.
but wonder how these 2 stack up to one another, as far as image quality,longevity of the brands, a few things I already have found to be "pesky" in the fuji are the camera's size, the autofocus in low light, and the shutter lag .I am shocked by what is considered "low light"with the auto focus.
How does the shutter lag compare to the a70? I have personally used the canon a60, and liked it for the most part, although I had more blurry shots than I care to count. I now have in my possesion the s3000, and find the pics on my pc look great, I havn't printed any though, I just wonder if the "pesky" things I mentioned earlier will wind up becoming a real burden later.So please do share your thoughts on these and feel free to throw in any other suggestions. Please remember I am really new to this .
Thankyou in advance... Marzipan
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There are pros and cons to any camera choice. There is no perfect camera.

The best we can hope for, is to find a good balance of physical size, light gathering capability of the lens, user control of parameters used most often, focal range of the lens, autofocus performance, camera speed (cycle times, shutter lag, etc.), resolution, and image quality -- for the conditions we'll be using a camera in.

Some reviewers, like Dave Etchells (owner/editor of imaging-resource.com) and Phil Askey (owner/editor of dpreview.com) measure a camera's performance.

You'll find Dave Etchell's tests in the "picky details" section of each camera's review. You'll find Phil Askey's tests, in the "Timing and File Sizes" portion of the cameras that he reviews.

From looking at the test of the 3800 (model the 3000 replaces) at imaging-resource.com, it didn't perform badly at all, especially considering it's focal range.

As far as low light performance, I did notice that the Camera does not focus well in low light. For example: Jeff Keller (owner/editor of dcresource.com) noted that the Fuji 3800 would not focus when he dimmed the room lights, and that the EVF was hard to use in low light).

If you take most of your photos outdoors, then this would not be a major consideration.

I've owned two Nikons (Coolpix 950, 990) which also "struggle" to focus in dim lighting. However, I've rarely found it to be a problem.

Now, I'm using a Pocketable Model (the new Konica Revio KD-510z, a.k.a., Minolta DiMAGE G500). It focuses great in lower light conditions. Yet, I don't have the nice zoom range you have in your model. For me, optical zoom was not a big consideration, because I take most of my photos indoors. For others, a long zoom is great, because they take most photos outdoors.

Each user with have their own requirements in a camera. Again, none of them are perfect.
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