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Twitch1977 Feb 9, 2006 4:20 PM

Hey all,

I'm finally planning on upgrading from my Olympus c4000 camera. Right now I'm looking at a few like the Fuji s9000, Pana FZ30, Nikon d50, etc. I'm not 100% sure on what camera would be suited best for me.

In order to help decide on these cameras I'm trying to find the best prices on each, (since I'm working within a budge), and I'll go from there. So my question for all my fellow Canadians is: What site(s) in Canada typically offer the best deals? I'm from Saskatchewan so I'm at a disadvantage in that there aren't any stores with the best pricing locally so I'm probably stuck buying on the net.

Thus far the best prices I've seemed to find are from:


Any chance anyone knows a few more sites I should check out? I've never really shopped for cameras online before so I don't know all the good sites to hit.

Thanks muchly,


vwmom Feb 9, 2006 4:50 PM

I'm from BC.. Is there a reason you want to buy online?.. Is there a local place you can go to, in order to at least 'feel' the cameras?

From what I've gotten is that the prices are higher there than here..

Is there a reason you are picking from those cameras?.. I got the Canon S2 IS.. it retails anywhere from 699-599 across canada ..I ended up paying 479.. I've been incredibly happy so far with it.

There is also the Canon A610 and 620... 2 other highly rated cameras.

You obviously need to go on what's available out that way.. and your needs.

What are you using the camera for? What's your budget.

Twitch1977 Feb 9, 2006 5:16 PM

There are a few stores I can hit up to try out the cameras a bit and perhaps even pricematch a lower online price. Future Shop here is always good for matching the lowest price I can hunt down online.

I don't want to turn this into a 'what camera is best for me' thread but the reason I chose those cameras is I want a camera that can shoot RAW, has good image quality, macro abilities, and good zoom. I also like the manual style focus of the pana and fuji. I looked at the S2 IS and it's not completely off the list and I may very well go that way because it is cheaper. I'd like to keep my camera purchase under $800 before tax.

The nikon is onthe list only because costco has a nice deal on it right now, it's like $890 for the kit, but since they're not an authorized Nikon dealer (ie. no warranty) they're extending their satisfaction guarentee'd policy for the entire 2 years that the warranty would exist. So at any point in time during the 2 years it were to break or I became unhappy with it/wanted something else I could just return it for a full refund. Unfortunately I couldn't afford that and a lens and I really want something with better zoom than what the kit offers.

So anyways, right now I'm still feeling out what cameras are out there and what might work for me, and in the interim also finding the best price on them all so I can figure out what's in my budget, etc.

So if anyone has any sites.... :)


vwmom Feb 9, 2006 5:26 PM

I'm not familar with the other models you mentioned.. that's why I made suggestions.

Blacks hadthe S2on sale last week.. It was 499.99.. maybe watch them again?

Here's their site

I'll list the few thatI deal with (or have).. and you can see wether they are out your way, etc...

When you do find someplace make sure they have at least a 30 day price match guarentee.. I bought mine with Staples, and have had the price lowered now 2 times. I bought from them locally too. and almost always buy the extended warrenty (more for resale later on.. when it's upgrade time). (My FAVORITE local shop .. they will also match prices)'d have to search their online flyer) had a good sale on sonys not too long ago)

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