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Paco Dec 9, 2003 1:35 PM

Low light
My daughter wants a camera for Christmas, she does quite a bit shooting of her daughter on stage sometimes in low light..Any help? 5 megapixel would do

gibsonpd3620 Dec 9, 2003 1:57 PM

The Olympus C5050 or C4040 would work in low light conditions. They both have the same F1.8 fast lens which helps with low light pictures.

JimC Dec 9, 2003 2:15 PM

If you need 5MP, you may want to consider the Sony DSC-F717. It's lens "stops down" far less than most at long focal ranges (zoom used), and it's a "longer" lens too (190mm equivalent).

It's relatively bright (F2.0) at full wide angle, but it's got the brightest lens around at it's 190mm focal length (only stopping down to F2.4)

The lower the F-Stop Number, the larger the aperture, and the more light the lens can gather (which means that you can shoot at faster shutter speeds to help prevent blur, at the same ISO speeds and zoom range with a camera having a brighter lens).

It's a larger camera than most, though.

Other options would be the 4MP Canon G3, or 5MP Canon G5. These also have relatively bright F2.0/F3.0 lenses.

The 4MP models in compact models would be preferred over the 5P models for low light (Canon G3, Olympus C-4040z). This is because their small 1/1.8" sensors use larger photodiodes in the 4MP models..

The 5MP models must use smaller photodiodes on the CCD Sensors, in order to get more pixels in the same area. So, they tend to generate more noise (similiar to film grain), in lower light at higher ISO speeds.

The larger Sony DSC-F717 uses a larger sensor (2/3" 5MP), so it's noise profile is better than the compact 5MP models like the Olympus C-5050z, or Canon G5.

Unfortunately, you'll probably find the Olympus C-4040z hard to find (it was replaced a while back with the newer 5MP model). The Canon G3 is still available, as is the Sony DSC-F717.

I'd probably lean towards the Sony (because of it's longer zoom, with better light gathering capability when using zoom), if it's not too large of a camera.

My second choice would most likely be the 4MP Canon G3.

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