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Default lup grading my digital, im a amatuer

im trying to decide between the canon 10d/ nikond100/ and the new sonyf828 what do you think is the best camera. I use my digital everyday shooting horses slose up and far away. inside and across an arena 80 feet??? help
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Hm shooting inside horse shows ? First thing to research is which camera has best high iso performances. http://www.imaging-resource.com/ has example images also on camera various iso settings. Last thing you should consider is a camera with night focus aid blinking lights. (I was always told that articificial light and reflections may upset a horse)

If a 10D is in your budget, then such could be a great tool granting you not just full automatic usage but also all options to shoot like a pro. With a dslr you should also consider a lens with low apperture (less than f 3.5)
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I use the Nikon D100 all the time for outdoor horse photograpy. but with the 1/180 flash sync speed I switched to the D2H 1/8000 for indoor much fater shooter and works well. The D100 is an awsome camera but to expect 80 feet is a little far even with the 80 speed light. I shoot a lot of cutting competitions and from back fence to action is usually about 40 feet and I will still use two strobes and the 80 flash!!!. If I use the 600mm lens my flash won't reach how far the lens will bring in unless my strobes are set "forward" with the 80-200 It seem to be ok, Most indoor arenas are bad for natural lighting. Strobes are a must. Good luck
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cowboy43 comments about flash reach should be taken seriously. Flash's don't have the reach you might think. You could consider something like a Better Beamer (which is a flash extender) but they also focus the beam so much they might light something as larger as a horse very unevenly.

In general, both the D100 & 10D are very good. I know nothing about the 828. Do you own any gear already? If so, you should probably go with that make 'cause it will be cheaper.

Will the distance shooting be done indoors or outdoors? How good is the lighting? Have you tried shooting with your other digital in the same situation?

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Eric S. Hmm!! A Better Beamer?thanks for the tip, I checked a review on one, and for $36.00 I am going to get one and see what it will do. thanks again.
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