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i know for a film slr when doing macro you'd want a ring flash to make up for the lens shading the object

would you need this at all for digital or no?
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Well, there are other reasons why you'll want an external flash as well.

When you do macro work the Depth Of Field is very small. So you need to use very small apertures to increase the DOF. But this decreases your shutter speed. Adding extra light allows you to raize the shutter speed without altering the aperture.

Now, unless you have a full frame digital SLR, the smaller sensor gives you more DOF. So this helps out some in letting you use a larger aperture than you would other wise have needed.

A ring light also lets you fill in shadows that the subject is throwing.

So, I feel the answer is yes they are still helpful. An off-camera flash can also be helpful letting you do creative things like lighting a flower from the side to give it a different look. Can't do it with a righ light, of course, but it does involve a flash so I thought I'd add it.

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