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Default Macro lens VS Close Ups Filters

I have a Olympus C-750 Uz and I'm considering of buying some lenses for m digicam.
As I'm in love with it, first of all, I want to protect it, specially the lens. So I'm considering of buying an adapter tube. I've found CLA-4 from Olympus itsef (55mm and black), Raynox (52mm and black), Sunpak, Sakar and Soligor (all 52mm and brushed chrome). I prefer a brushed chrome one, I think it gets prettier, despite of the black filters ahead. Do yuo know where can I buy any brushed chrome in europe, like UK, France, etc? Even the black Raynox? I only find the original Olympus CLA-4.
I'm thinking about buying a UV filter so I can protect the lenses, any brand recomendation?
What about Polarizer? Circular or Linear? Brand?
One of my fav photo is macro, so I'm considering of buying a macro addon to my camera.
So, I messed up my head because I've been told that a Raynox DCR-250 and the Olympus MCON-4 are not macro lenses but filters. Is it true? Can I get the same result with it than with close up filters from Hoys otrr B+w or another brand? Like adding some filters so I add more dipters?
With this macro lense from Raynox can I adjust the macro, like I do wuith zoom? Or You get it on or off, simply as that?
Do I loose quality on filters VS this Raynox lense?
What about teleconversion and fish enses? are these filters too?
I'm really confused, I really need help on this!
Please give me a hand!
Andrea Oliveira
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all of the options you've mentioned are essentially the same thing, add on close up lenses. While I'm not familar with the ones you've mentioned they will all do much the same thing - the quality of the image is what will vary with them.

A 'true' macro lens acts by adding 'extension' between the lens and the film/image sensor. Macro lenses are also highly corrected - they excel at taking images close up of subjects that are flat. Think stamps and the like. Add-on lenses like you descibe can create good quality results especially with subjects that are not perfectly flat like insects.

You can't change lenses on your camera so all that you can do is use an add-on lens. Some people call them filters, some 'add-on' lenses and some don't like them at all (especially SLR types that can put on a dedicated macro lens).

What the options you're considering will do is allow you to focus closer, at the long end you'll be able to shoot objects farther away than at the wide end. You may find that at the wide end of your zoom the image will be cropped by add-on and won't be particularly good.

You can combine close-up lens but it isn't suggested, image quality suffers.

Don't get a linear polarized filter unless you're sure it will work. Most auto-focus cameras will only work with a circular polarizer.

My opinion on UV filters to protect the lens is that they're a good thing, some people argue that adding on a filter will affect the image so shouldn't be used. It's a personal thing.

I'll suggest that you take this question into 'add-on lens' forum.
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