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baumgrenze Feb 16, 2015 5:17 PM

Macro Photography - A590IS vs iPhone 5
Both my iPhone 5 and my Canon A590IS are 8 megapixel cameras. I am trying to decide which to equip for macro photography. I photograph very small wildflowers, lichens, and liverworts. I'm trying to decide which to equip for higher resolution macro photography.

I've struggled with Manual Mode and Av Mode on the AS590. I've tried using these to stop down the aperture and increase the depth of field. Under real life conditions I find it very difficult to see whether or not an image is really in focus. Before I invest money in a macro attachment lens I want to know if:

1) I can mount a screw-in lens and still turn the camera on and off?

2) How much of an in-the-field hassle is it to unscrew the lens to revert to non-macro photography?

The iPhone seems to display a clearer image to focus. I've not yet undertaken the tasks of evaluating the manual focus aspects of the iPhone. I'd love to see comments based on user experience. I like the idea that I can trigger the shutter on the iPhone remotely using Bluetooth. Is this feature really straightforward?

I have a simple Joby Gorillapod. I've tried it with the AS590 and it is very hard to set up a shot. Clearly I need to use a ball head for composing. I have one that came mounted on a 'lightweight' Gitzo Traveler that I bought in the 1970's. I'd need to adapt down the thread on the underside from 3/8" to 1/4". Are there alternatives I should consider?

Thanks for any insights.


BBbuilder467 Feb 19, 2015 6:37 PM

A lot of the old compact P&S models needed a body mounted adapter to mount the diopter/close-up lens. Easy enough to swap in the field, but you will have far less depth of field using one.

Small flowers and lichen need to be framed and composed precisely to get maximum depth of field in focus. From a tripod you almost have to have a good ballhead and macro rails to get the alignment.

Maybe that's more of your problem. It's touchy getting the focus right even with 4-way rails when you're out in the woods at macro range.

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