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Hi, no racial offense intended to anybody, but I was wondering if there might be a potential difference in quality between cameras that are made in Japan vs. those that are made in China. I notice that the Canons and Sonys are made in Japan, whereas other brands such as Casio are made in China. From both personal experience as well as having a close friend in the electronics export business in Asia, "made in Japan" almost always equates to a higher build quality. Is this the case with digital cameras?
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Well I'm not sure about that but My Konica point and shoot is made in Japan(newer model is made in China and was told to get the Japanese one) my S1IS is made in Japan and my vidcam is made in Malaysia.

They all work well.
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I'd say that if you're buying a reputable make such as Nikon, Canon etc the place of manufacture shouldn't matter. These companies pride their reputation and won't allow their name to be attached to a sub standard product.
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these days.. its really all about quality control than where things are made.

japan might have some of their cameras made in china to keep the cost down but it doesn't mean its less quality.

the processors in our computers are made all over the place. pentium is a pentium and AMD is AMD, they run well and they're made in other parts of asia. its really all, like i stated, about quality control.
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Recently saw some Canons made in China!!!
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Old May 15, 2005, 4:02 PM   #6
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The Chinese manufacturing industry is coming on in amzing leaps and bounds, helped by hugh investments by corporate size companies. Even down to such mundane items such as woodscrews, the Chineses have practically become the market leader in producing high quality at low cost goods.

China has opened it's markets up and that has encouraged big business to invest there, and over teh next few years will be come the Korea/singapore/japan of a few years back.

The one advantage China has is a huge, huge workforce of almost unlimited supply, and as certain parts of China become more prosperous, so their own people demand better quality, so big businesses move in etc etc.

China has put an aful lot of effort into making manufacturing a commercial success and it is paying off. - to the detriment of more established markets. Here in the UK Rover (cars) goes bust - and look at who is in the running to buy parts of it - China.

Gone are the days of very cheap, flimsey chinese imports- with the excpetion of my local take a-way! lol)

I wouldn't hesitate to buy goods from there, (china that is, not my local take a way!).

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Old May 15, 2005, 6:01 PM   #7
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When I was kid (a LONG time ago!!!) the label "Made in Occupied Japan" was considered the same as saying "cheap quality junk". A famous American industrialist (a chap named Malcom Baldwin) convinced them that the way to success was quality. Within a few years, Japanese quality became a hallmark. Mr. Baldwin is a national heero in Japan to this day.

Korea was the next country to learn that lesson. Know anyone who owned an early Hyunai automobile? This generation's Korean cars are very good... even US manufacturers have learned the lesson. Americans are pretty good producers... Japanese, and now Korean manufacturers are building cars here. American manufacturers are moving constructionto Mexico to save money. That said, Chinese manufacturing is moving up to world class. Whether it's there yet remains to be seen.

I'd trust Chinese workers to make my underwear, but would wait a while to let them build my digital camera. Maybe my next one. The technology, especially in lenses, is amazing. Canon developed new technology to grow chrystals of naturally occuring elements to reduce problems of refraction in their lenses. Little wonder their lenses cost an arm and a leg.

None of this is intended to reflect on nationality, but the Japanese have a long history of focusing (no pun intended) on a problem and solving it. The Chinese are just now learning. They produce good products at great prices, but they aren't quite ther yet. Would you buy a French digital camera or a Dutch car?

That ought to get this thread buzzing :blah:
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IMHO, these are all but a game of international diplomatic & trade policy.The fact that seeing more "made in China" tag after China's entry to WTO means less than what you think.

I've been doing machine tooling forJapanese factories in China since 1993. These are all the biggest names in consumer electronics. You probably won't ask the same question if you know how many SKD manufacturing facilities say Matsushita (Panasonic) owns & runs in China! And thse are HUGE factories with tens of thousands of workers.From the lastesttop of the line plasma/lcd tvs, cell phones,laptops, dvd recorders todigital cameras. The chance iswhile the tag says "made in Japan", contents are probably 90% SKD from China!

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If I remember correctly a WTO discussion of a few years back, the "Made In xxx" stamp, purely now refers to where the "Final assembly" physically takes place.

So indeed the components can come from anywhere in the world, but it's where they're put to gether that gets the credit.

Th European Union did try a further clarification of this, and some items are now marked "produced in the E.U." to reflect the fact that the majority of parts and final assembly are of E U originality.

It's also worth considering that no reputable company - be it Canon or Gucci, will allow thier products to be of different quality dependant of from where it comes.

People go mad over Nike spots were. Why? It all comes from far eastern sweatshops and according to "Which" the quality is poorer than some departmental stores own brands...

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