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I am looking for a program batch process the modified date of a set of pictures and make it match the original EXIF picture date of the JPGs. I often fix up my photos in Photoshop (level adjustments, removing red-eye, etc.) and when I save the enhanced files the pictures have a new modified date. This sucks! I don't want my friends to see that the pictures were modified at 4am and that I have no life!:lol:

Is there a program that can look at the original EXIF dates and simply timestamp the modified date to the exact same time, without having to manually type in the time and dates?

I have looked at a number of programs, Exifer does not seem to do what I want it to do. I want something very simple that can take an entire folder of pics and change the modified dates for me based on the EXIF original picture taken date, without any user input or need to type in date values...

Thanks all!
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The Modified Date is the date that the operating system uses to keep track of the files. It has nothing to do with the EXIF data.

When the Operating system copies files from your flash memory card, it automatically uses the current date and time as the Created Date and the Modified Date, and these can not be changed by any conventional means. You can't ever change the Created Date, but you can change the Modified Date by opening and saving the file again. (You don't actually have to modify the file. You just have to re-save it.)

If you really don't want theCreated Dates and Modified Dates to give an indication that your life is meaningless and you should be pitied ([suB]:blah:[/suB]), change the time on your computer to noon before you copy and modify your images.
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yes, I know that the modified date is an operating-system level date and has nothing to do with EXIF... but I still want my modified dates to match the EXIF picture taken date.

TCav, I'm not sure I agree with you that the modified date can't be changed other than to "re-save the file." I know this can be done becausethere are programs out there that let you set the date to whatever you want without having to changethe computer's internal system clock.

Surely there's someone out there that has written a utility todo this... There used to be an old DOS utility called "Touchit" that would modify all of your dates based on the timeyou specified. This is the same idea, except I want it to look at the EXIF data to make this determination... which should easily be able to be extracted. Heck, even if the utility grabbed the EXIF data, changed my internal system clock, modified the file, and changed my system clock back I'd be happy, although I'm sure that's not the most efficient programming algorithm to do so...

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PictureRetitle Basic 1.1 on Tucows Download may be what you're looking for from the description. http://www.tucows.com/preview/506145 Haven't tried it myself however.
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I can say for sure that PictureRetitle is not the solution (since I wrote it).

PictureGo! has the feature that you are looking for.

- Launch PictureGo!

- Right click on the desired folder

- Choose 'Reset file date to Picture Date taken (Exif)'

http://www.picturego.nl (freeware)

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Irfanview has, in its Thumbnails bit, 'Batch Processing Dialog'>'Advanced options', with an option for 'Save files with original date/time' which I see from the check box I have been using all along. But I don't use it for my major image modifications; I have an antique Paint Shop Pro. I use it most for rotating all the wrongly orientedimages in a batch using 'jpeg lossless rotation', so obviously I don't want the file date changing. (I also use it for resizing & sharpening whole batches, and then turning them with a single button press into a set of web pages with index page.)

So if Irfanview will do the image modifications you need, it'll do the job. It does all sorts of twiddles such as brightness, contrast, resizing, sharpness, etc., but not cloning & retouching, for example.
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