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Default making the snap faster

This may be an old or dumb question, but ill ask anyway ,lol.
How if possible can you change the snap time on the camera.
My camera is the Olympus E100RS , it may be able to change this but im still a rookie using mostly auto.
When I take a picture (which turn out good , thats not the prob.)
I push the button down , but it focuses half way down then it snaps. I can focus and hold it till im ready for the shot then snap it.
I had an old camera the sony F73. The snap on it was very fast, just push and it took that shot. I miss that.

Im sure I can change something on this new one to do something like that.
Dont get me wrong, I love this camera , its my life. I have so many pics on my computer i need to fill up some cd's . almost 40 gig filled up, lol.
Anyway help if ya can !

by the way here are some shots of mine
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40GIGS !!!! :shock: I thought I was sick .

Now your question.

You could do the following to speed it up.

Choose the action setting if it's there.

Make the whitelevel fixed.

Go to apperture priority setting.

When you half press the shutter the camera's does a few things.

1. Focussing (most of the time this can not be bypassed)
2. White level (this can be bypassed)
3. Apperture and shutter speed (can be bypassed)

On my HP850 I can speed up significally by going into the action setting and choosing the white level.

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Here's a few things you need to check...
1. Is autofocus set to ON? If you want the camera to continuously focus on your subject and be ready for your picture when you press the shutter release for the first time, then you should choose CONTINUOUS FOCUS. IMHO, this increases your shutter lag, but you did ask.
2. Redeye reduction should not be selected, as this will delay your shutter release until all the preflashes have finished (only meaningful if you are using flash).
3. I'm not sure if you need fast shot-to-shot, but if you have the image review feature turned on, this will cause a couple of seconds pause between shots (I like this feedback-- disabled automatically in drive mode).

If this doesn't get you where you need to be, please let me know. The controls are the same for your camera and mine.
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thanks everyone !
I need to read up on some of my manual , i havent really messed with the wb too much. it has auto , which thats what i usually us.
it has these pictures to choose from to set the WB , i need to look to see which is which ,lol.
Not sure how to set the apeture settings , im sure ive messed with it , but i havent for a while.

Yeah I have around 3 gig left , im surprised my computer is still running. Im buying some more CDR's today. and those are mostly pics of this year,lol.
Where the camera takes 15fps, well you can see how i get so many pics lol.
here are some other shots
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