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Contriver Aug 9, 2007 4:20 PM

The only point and shoot I have used manual focus on (which I use often) is on my Canon A520. The way it works is when its in manual focus mode, a small square appears in the middle of the display with shows a live enlarged view of what the camera is seeing. You use the left and right buttons to adjust the focus.

It works ok, but can be difficult depending on the lighting, subject movement and such. I suppose if the camera had a larger and higher definition screen it may work out better. The A520 has a 1.8 inch, 115,000 pixel screen.

Anyway, I was wondering, does anyone know of a compact point and shoot camera that doesn't have a focus ring, yet is easy to work with in manual focus mode? I'm curious to find out if all non-focus-ring cameras are pretty much equal as far as manual focus mode goes or if some are more effective than others.

slipe Aug 9, 2007 4:50 PM

I suppose the higher the LCD resolution and brightness and the larger the screen the better you could focus. There are also inexpensive pop-up shades that help in bright light.

Other than with a tripod for macro or night shots I haven't been too impressed with focusing on a LCD.

A digital readout of the focus distance is a big help for me. Unfortunately my pocket camera has a useless non-linear scale. I usually use center focus, pre-focus on my target and then reframe and take the shot. I find that more accurate than manual on a LCD.

fishycomics Aug 9, 2007 6:19 PM

not arguing or disagreeing at all?

This is the casio Ex-v7 it has a manual setting, I never knew, or gotten that far in the 200 plus page online manual to know I can alter the setting of focusing- just tried it , and thank you?

1 in manual you hold to the left it goes from ~ - to cm LOL and it blurs?

the lcd is super-bright and works for me?

Now below I posted to video clips, reason why? When I filmed, the first clip at Low light at night with the nightscene, auto focus, stabilization on auto, hand and image?

I get too much bounce, remember it is all driving?

This camera is not ment for filming while driving in Auto pilot?

the second clip is of the manual focus, never touching the focal to correct, it bypasses the bounce and everything is perfect?

Also in night scene auto stabilization and landscape in daytime

not a perfect camera, I will not recommend this one but had to comment about what was mentioned?

just point -n shoot

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