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I am Buying a Mavica MVC-CD1000, Mint condition for $250 Can., Can ANYONE please give me some insight into this camera. It will be a backup.

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I was intrigued by your post. I have owned this particular camera for about a year now. I purchased it from a store as "old-new stock". I like to work with older technology that was "cutting edge" when released and used quality components in its construction. I find it a very useful camera that performs as advertised and is simplicity personified. I am a film camera buff who has been very interested in the digital technology and an active part of it as it has occurred. I remember the wonder I felt taking a B&W image on a Palm Pilot with an add on digital sensor. I own many different cameras and actively experiment with "pushing" their utility and limits. I have been using high magnification to "stack" images over long distances. I have placed on this particular camera an Olympus 2x lens. It is of the same thread size. It literally gives me a 20x optical in a stabilized package. I have also found that the earlier Sony camera's do a digital zoom "called precision zoom" that seems to crop the image without introducing "visible" artifacts. I have taken some pictures at 20x optical with the digital zoom "cranked" out fully that when printed out 5x7 are clear, clean, and non pixilated.The camera is very easy to work with and makes use of some features that Sony left off its "newer" cameras. I have found that the storage cd is "robust" and allows for reasonable speed between shots. The white balance is excellent and the camera like the Panasonic Z1 and the Olympus 2100 produce images that "punches out of its weight class". I have been using both Cannon and Nikon SLR's with "extreme" magnification and thought that I would use the Sony to "preview" the shot before "really" shooting it with the SLR. I find that often the Sony will caputre a shot that I prefer over the labored over and Photshoped image taken with the "real" SLR. The images that are written to the cd in the Sony are "punchier" and immediately useful "right out of the box". It makes an excellent preview camera because "what you see is what you have recorded" on the CD. I really have enjoyed this camera and have shot 15 thousand images. I get around 214 images on a disk and find that most modern computers do not need to have the cd "finalized" to be read. I enjoy the "self archieving" capability of these little cd's. I have been coming to this site for a long time now and find that when I buy old tech I can be assurred of finding a great review by Steve when it was "new" tech. I can also learn from the informed "readership" about how they have made use of this product in its "heyday". I am finding that taking pictures with "old but interesting tech" makes me rethink what I am doing and I begin to "play" again with images. My current favorite "old tech" stock are the Sony, a sub megapixel Sony with a floppy drive and a 14x stabilized zoom and and Olympus2100 and Oly E-10. The E-10 sometimes takes such stunning pictures that I wonder why I use anything else - and then I "click" with the Nikon and know that camers do evolve. I chose to respond to this thread because no one else had and I think that the thread starter and I might be the only two people in the world currently using this camera and I didn't want the writer to miss out on a wonderful camera. I want to thank Steve and all the forum members for many wonder filled moments as I have learned, avoided lemons, and "tweaked". This site and forum are a place of education, friendliness, and expertise. I would have continued "behind the scenes" but I could not let a great camera and question go unresponded to when I have personally known its friendly nature.
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