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Hey all, about 6 months ago I finally went ahead and purchased a dSLR. I got a Pentax K100d. Its a great camera. But, I honestly just don't use it much. Imore often find myself packing my PSCanonA520. TheK100d is just to big tobring along for no reason. Unless I am absolutely going out specifically to take pictures I leave it at home.One thingI have learned is that when I go out specifically to take pictures I don't have as much fun.I have taken most of my favorite pictures with a point and shoot that I had in my pocket or bag along with me while I was doingsomething else like kayaking or bikingjust in case there might have been something interesting to snap a shot of.

I love how fast the K100d can snap a shot. I love having a focus ring. Its nice to have very little noise even at higher ISOs. And, I like using RAW format. However, for me, those things aren't everything.

I moved up to dSLR thinking that I just had to have it, but now I'm thinking that that is not true (for me).

I am curious to find out ifanyone else has gone back to PS as well.
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I've been a dedicated DSLR shooter since 2004 when I picked up a Digital Rebel and haveused an Olympus outfit the last 2 years.

RAW is nice. To be honest, I didn't use ISO 1600 or higher that much with the Canon and neverhave with the Olympus outfit.

Last year I hauled a three lens Olympus DSLRoutfit around Paris for 12 days, much to the distress of my aching shoulders each evening. I took some beautiful images, but we're going back in September for 15 days and that same outfit isn't going again.

This year I have picked up two Panasonic digicams, the TZ3 and an FZ50. The TZ3 is an absolute gem toshoot with, and my FZ50 accepts the TTLOlympus FL50 flash I have been using with my DSLR outfit.

That brings me to the onearea where I cannot accept the limitations of a digicam, and that's the built-in flash performance. When I say that, it's not just in terms of exposure. It's also the quality of the light...the ability to bounce flash and soften the quality of the light, the better distance coverage and versatility of the separate flash. The FZ50 make the change from a DSLR back to something much less heavy possible for me.

I'm in the process right now of divesting myself of my DSLR outfit, and if I can get to the point that a DSLR is not something I have to have, I'm not suprised when I hear it from others. It's not that Iwas frustrated at all with the technology. The cameras and lenses are fantastic. I've just gottento the point to where I've grown tired of dealing with the bulk and weight.

I NEVER thought I'd buy a digicam that didn't have some sort of optical finder, and I certainly never thought an electronic finder would be something I'd get....now I have both and am having at least as much, if not more fun.
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I have to say I've gone from a Fuji point and shoot to the Olympus E500 DSLR and I've never looked back. The Fuji hardly gets used. The reason is because shooting action is my primary purpose and the P&S is a poor substitute.

I look at the Oly E410 and sometimes wonder if the small, light and compact lenses and body would be worth a shot. When it comes down to it, I'd be grabbing my heavier, faster glass and that would defeat the purpose.

I chose Olympus because they offer size/weight advantages over other DSLRs. I'd have a difficult time giving it up now.

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Old Jul 31, 2007, 2:01 AM   #4
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There's a time and a place for probably everyone where a DSLR makes sense. During the time I was using my outfit the most my daughter was in high school, playing softball, participating in band and other activities where having an action camera made sense.

Today she's out of high school and in to college. She's still in band, but I can no longer take my DSLR to shoot when she marches...the school where she's going does not allow cameras with detachable lenses into the game.In addition to that, DSLR's are no longer allowed into the local NHL and/or NBA and/or NFL stadiums unless, of course, you're a pro shooting for a publication...the only place I can still take a DSLR in terms of pro sports is the localmajor league baseball park. There simply are fewer and fewer places where you can go with a DSLR outfitthat don't evoke some security guard to come at you and either run you off or worse, and I'm not talking walking around with a big white Bertha mega zoom lens either. Those people are sometimesgiven an even harder time.

Add to that, after over 3 years I'm simply tired of hauling the bigger, heavy bag around and it just doesn't make sense when I can use something else and be perfectly content with the quality and much better off in the convenience.

I'm glad I had a DSLR when I did. I have images I will always be greatful I was able to record.
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Old Jul 31, 2007, 5:13 AM   #5
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I don't see this clear distinction between dSLR and 'point & shoot'. What about the modern superzooms? Many of these, including my Kodak Z712is,allow most of the shots that can be taken with a dSLR, albeit at slightly lower quality,for asmall fraction of the size, weight & cost of a dSLR.

I have a breast-pocketable Casio EX-Z750 as well for when I can't cope with the slightly greater bulk of the Z712. Even that offers a huge range of control. It just lacks the 12x zoom range, the electronic viewfinder, and the image stabilisation. I wouldn't even describe the Casio as a 'point & shoot'.

Between them they're an excellent substitute for my film camera kit, only just sold, of OM-10 SLR + lenses and Olympus XA pocketable. But the Z712 will be used a lot, and the Casio a little.
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All photography is a compromise. After using a film SLR for many years I got a digital camera, the Sony F717 and decided I was a dedicated point and shooter. That camera died and I decided I wasn't willing to go back to an SLR - bought an FZ30 instead. At the time I figured that image quality wasn't as important to me as the convenience of having a fixed lens camera.

I hated it - couldn't get what I wanted out of it at all. The quality of the pictures weren't as good as my problematic F717, and when I looked around, it didn't seem like there was anything out there that wasn't a dSLR that would match it (not sure that's true now). So I reluctantly bought a dSLR, because it turned out that I wasn't willing to compromise on image quality after all. I'm now a very happy dSLR user and have no problem dragging a large camera bag along - it's not half as bad as I remember back in my film days.

But that's the compromise I'm willing to make (dragging along lots of stuff). I certainly respect those who would rather compromise image quality to have a smaller, lighter rig. This is a case where there's no "one size fits all" answer.
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We bought a Panny FZ20, then a KM 5D dslr, then a Casio Z850, a shirt pocket camera.

The Casio was a revelation. Amazingly quick and excellent photos bymost standards.

The Casio was my daughters and got washed. It would still be alive today had I taken the casing off and rinsed it in distilled water properly to get the soap out of it. She ordered a Casio Exilim EX-Z1050 and it'll be here today. I havemajor doubts it will be as good as her Z850 was, but thats what she wanted.

Her Casio EX-Z850 mademe get aCasio Z750 from Adorama that was a demo.I use itmore thanthe 5D. I do miss RAW, but it nails the color far better than the 5D. Its always ready and can do many things the 5D can't. The Casio has a nice leather case I wear on my belt.

The bottom line is what works. There is no perfect camera yet. Some just do certain thing better or with greater ease than others.

The Panasonic FZ20 seldom is used. The Konica Minolta (now Sony) dslr gets a lot of use. The Casio Z750 gets the most use simply because it works like a fine tool should and is always available and super fast.
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If my Panasonic FZ30 was able to take useably clean shots at ISO 800 I doubt I ever would have gotten rid of it. Now with the K100D the only thing I really miss is the wide zoom range, and if gets to the point that I really want to be able to have an all-in-one, I'll probably go for one of those ultrazoom lenses like the Tamron 18-250.

I have to admit that the FZ30 was more fun to shoot with in many ways. Having that huge zoom and it being so easy to get your shots to come out just how you want them was really nice. My problem was that I just kept pushing the capabilities of the camera and it eventually got frustrating.
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Old Jul 31, 2007, 10:24 PM   #9
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I have a DSLR since 2005. Recently I bought a tiny Casio EX-S600. It is much more fun to carry around than the DSLR. It fits nicely in my pocket with no unsightly bulges. I'm willing to compromise on image quality for portability in some situations.
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Contriver wrote:
Hey all, about 6 months ago I finally went ahead and purchased a dSLR. I got a Pentax K100d. Its a great camera. But, I honestly just don't use it much. Imore often find myself packing my PSCanonA520. TheK100d is just to big tobring along for no reason.
Well other than faster and overall better quality.... SLR's are about LENSES.... and I am far from a zillion dollar darn the cost kind of person, but there are reasons for specific lenses for specific situations. And nice thing about the Pentax... lots of old stuff out there if MF is not an issue.... though with K popularity that economy is fast changing.

And that could even be spur of the moment not planed stuff.

Weight and bulk is an issue... but actually I am really rarely carrying the K10D and 6 lenses plus filters and spare batt.... usually in in bike basket, car, on the ground, etc.... but its all there when I need it... and where P&S most disappoint... just (or far) short of what is needed.

And yes now and then I only take a P&S but its pretty rare, and realize it far enough in advance to charge the batteries as they are otherwise dead from disuse.

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