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Default mega pixel ????

:? hi y'all....i was reading on of the cameras review. high meg camera ie: 5meg. it says when using a normal mode 680x480 its using only 2 megapixel or less and superfine mode 2560x1920 will use maximun 5 meg. i thought if it is a 5meg no matter the size when the camera states 5mega pixel.
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A 5 megapixel camera can produce photos with varying resolutions:
2288 x 1712 5 megapixel
2048 x 1536 4 megapixel
1600 x 1200 2 megapixel
1280 x 960 1 megapixel
640 x 480 > 1 megapixel

You control the resolution by the camera settings. I would say that most digicam owners shoot at the highest jpeg resolution that the camera provides. The higher the resolution the better the picture. If you do not need great detail or large prints, then shooting in the 640X480 resolution may be better for you. An example would be product photos on a web page. 5 megapixel phots will take a long time for to download from a web site.
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Following on Gibs... reply, cams may also use words like fine/normal alongside their options for resolution setting in M pixels. So add this as options to Gibs.. table. This is very confusing. But what it means is, for a given resolution, you can have less or more compression of your 1M,2M,4M,5M pix images. This corresponds to fine (larger file size) and normal (smaller file size). Fine/Normal really are BAD word choices.

Quality wise, the most pixels and least compression (largest files) win. But for say 6X4 prints you're giving up slower cam, less flash space, slower editing. And as Gibs.. says for a web page or email pic why use more. Except, you can always reduce resolution in editing, but if that was your winning pic. - you can't put it back afterwards! You make the choice.

Often the choice difficulty is on the boundaries. e.g can you tell the difference between 4M pix fine and 5M pix normal, both approximately the same stored file size? But in some cams, going down in resolution provides faster 'film speed' choices.
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